Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Left celebrates the deaths of over 300 Americans

Yesterday was spent using the chain saw. Cutting, raking and picking up trash was good for me. I look at it almost like a stress test for my heart. At my age if I can do that with no symptoms and not dying then that part of my body must be in fair shape.

The forecast called for thunderstorms last night and when I went to bed they were in western Arkansas heading towards the river. Not bad ones, just some boomers with lightening and rain. Trust me. My body craved sleep and rest for all the "new" muscles I had found.

Wasn't to be.

The sirens went off this morning at 2:48. I didn't hear them but my wife did. She woke me up and we all shuffled off down stairs to check the radar and watch TV declare our impending doom by crushing, shredding or drowning.

You know. What happened to the 300 or so dead across the south a few days ago.

Now you would think that was a national disaster and a tragedy on the level of Katrina in which the country was urged to mourn and demand the impeachment of Bush and the firing of Brown.

But no, sad to say, that isn't the case. This is from firedoglake, one of the more feverish of the far Left blog sites..

Are the Tornadoes God’s Judgment Against Conservative States?

Well, the states hit the hardest by the tornadoes are all Republican strongholds: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. Surely, that can’t be a coincidence.

So is God punishing these conservative states because they’re not taking care of the poor, the elderly and the sick, as Jesus commanded?

Somehow, I doubt we’re going to hear Glenn Beck or John Hagee speculate about this today.

The above was sent to me by Dark Avenger with evidence of much glee, who also sent this.

It's the Lord's judgment on your iniquities, which no mortal can set aside.

Now, what can we say about these people?

Nothing. They have said it all themselves.

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