Monday, February 4, 2008

Golden Oldies

Here is a web site that you may enjoy.

Patchy's Lost In The..

You know, looking at the play lists and thinking.... Can anyone tell me an instrumental that was a hit in the past 20 years???

Does that say anything about the "me generation?"

It is not that I think National Health Care

will be better. I don’t. But I also don’t think it will be worse. And I also think it is necessary. And I totally agree with Powerline’s comment regarding forcing people to purchase medical insurance.

This is especially true of single young people, above all single men. They rarely become seriously ill, and they know that if they are unlucky enough to be in an accident or contract a serious illness, they will be treated anyway.

If you don’t need insurance, or that is if you don’t think you need insurance, then why should you purchase it? And if you know you will be treated anyway… well a new set of spinners would look nice.

And isn’t that the base argument? People who think they don’t need it, don’t want it. And people who have it through their employer, or earn enough to be able buy it, don’t want the system changed because they believe they will have their taxes increased to pay for those who expect to be treated anyway.

So what we have now is a system in which;

1. The poor and those outside the system get free treatment.

2. Those who earn enough can purchase their own.

3. Those with certain jobs can purchase it through their employer at a discount.

4. Those 65 and older have Medicare.

So we need to pass National Health Care. The question is, how can we pay for it.

And the answer is…. a national sales tax. Simple, easy to administer and inclusive. With one stroke you bring in this pesky young’uns, as well as the Medicaid crowd that not only includes the non-employed poor, but includes the employed poor, as well as illegal aliens, dope dealers and others now living in the “gray market space.”

The Religion of Peace

demonstrates again why we should view all claims about "peace" coming from its members with a great deal of suspicion.

Two Iranian sisters convicted of adultery face being stoned to death after the supreme court upheld the death sentences against them, the Etemad newspaper Monday quoted their lawyer as saying.

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That is just so seventh century as to be almost unbelieveable.

Unfortunately it is not. At least this 16 year wasn't stoned to death. Hanging, you know, is just so more humane. (sarcasm alert.)

Zand-Bonazzi: Well, sadly this young woman was hung in public charged with adultery. The man with whom she had allegedly had sexual relations with was also arrested but he only received 75 lashes apparently and then freed!

However, in spite of the fact that her entire family pleaded, was condemned to death. Her parents had even specifically produced her birth certificate proving that she was 16 (proving that she's not an adult) and the ruling clergy of the town of NEKA (the town where she was hung) forged papers and insisted that in fact she was 22and that that was enough reason to hang her.

Link to source article.

Yep. Just the people we want to have nuclear weapons and long range rockets.

I never pay a lot of attention

to the Super Bowl. Most of the games have been over hyped and after I hear the same sports cliché a dozen times my eyes glaze over and my attention goes elsewhere.

Sports as “life” bores me. The Super Bowl is a game. Nothing more, nothing less. Games are supposed to entertain. Many Super Bowls have not. Last night’s did. It was played with few penalties, unlimited commercial breaks and it went down to the wire.

There were a few underlying stories that were of interest. The one that I found interesting was that of little brother playing as well as big brother. You have to know that nothing made Eli happier than saying to his Mom.

"Here Mom, put my MVP trophy on the mantle along side the other one.”