Thursday, March 5, 2009

Andrew Jackson

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown." Gen 6:4

I am reading again of Andrew Jackson. Either our most misunderstood or most understood President. But either way, the most unappreciated President by the sages of our modern times. He fits not in their sophisticated world of politics. Yet how could you not love a man about who John Meacham writes:

“Jackson was fond of well cut clothes, racehorses, dueling, newspapers, gambling, whiskey, coffee, a pipe, pretty women, children, and good company.”

There is enough there to make him acceptable in my world yet that doesn’t even scratch the surface. He was also a man who, heading the first and ill fated, military movement to New Orleans during the war of 1812 and summoned to return was told by his Doctor:

“By now 150 of Jackson’s men were sick, 56 could not set up, and Jackson had a total of eleven wagons for the trip.”…..As they prepared to move out, the Doctor Samuel Hogg asked Jackson what he was to do.

Jackson did not hesitate. “To do sir? You are to leave not a one on the ground.”

“But the wagons are full,” Hogg said, “and they will not convey more than half.”

“Then let some of troops dismount, and the officers must give up their horses to the sick….Not a man, sir, must be left behind.”

Hogg took Jackson at his word, and asked for the General’s own horses, which Jackson handed over. In wonder and admiration his men watched (Jackson)…press on.

“I led them into the field… (and) I will at all hazard and risks lead them out.” (Jackson wrote his wife.)

How elegantly and simply stated, and not from a press conference at 5PM but from the middle of the wilderness some place in Mississippi with no one but his character to bear witness.

Yes, there were giants in the land in those days. Now we have twerps who seek to use problems as an opportunity to enslave us. If Hussein had been there he would have condemned society and then rode away, leaving men on the ground.

To the Tennessee politician Felix Grundy, he (Jackson) said, “As long as I have friends or credit, I will stick by them. I shall march them to Nashville or bury them with the honors of war.”

If you ever need an example of leadership or why men will follow some men to their graves in a cause they see as great you need look no further.

Yet now we have politicians who not only will not serve in the midst of danger, they won’t even pay their income taxes. Yet Hussein employs them and the Senate, to their everlasting shame, has approved them.

To either Jackson’s or the Senate's good fortune, the man they called “Old Hickory” is dead. Was he not I have no doubt that he would visit them and I doubt if his disapproval would be limited to mere words.

Quotes from, "American Lion," Jon Meacham, Random House circa 2008.

Adidas made the Marx A-Flex but turns German

German as in "Hogan's Hero's" Guard Scholtz's, "I don't know nothingggggggg!."

In the age of the Internet you can't even believe pictures. I once had a picture of me pitching baseball, in uniform in the classic pose of winding up to throw. I had it made at one of the tourist type shops in Seattle around 1995. I called it my, "You gonna believe me or your lying eyes?" photo. But I digress.

So I went to Adidas' Internet store and tried to find "Marx A-Flex." It showed out of stock.

But, just to be sure I called Adidas Consumer Relations at 800-448-1796. The young lady I spoke with confirmed they had manufactured the hat but was no longer. When asked if I could buy one direct she said that some may still be around but she had no idea of where or how many.

I have an idea. They are in Hussein's warehouse waiting for the 2012 campaign.

Hat tip to UrgentAgenda and ConservativePunk