Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did Obama win?

Good morning dear Chums:

In case you have wondered what happened to Tall Cotton yesterday... We traveled to visit with some old friends and the motel we are at does not have high speed Internet access. So this is via AOL dial up and Firefox..which is slow.....very slow...almost "I aint gonna do this slow..."

So we drank beer and re-fought the cold war. Strangely enough the missions have become harder, the flights longer and the enemy even more devious and evil. I was surprised that he didn't remember my secret mission into Moscow to steal a new Soviet fighter, fly it out, deal with pursuing Soviet fighters, land on the ice, refuel from a US sub and then fly on to.....Gollywood. ;-)

(No, that didn't really happen.)

But even here they have cable and FNC so we drank more beer and watched the debate.

First, I never want to hear anyone say anything about me, or anyone, calling Hussein, Hussein. Throughout the debate Senator McCain addressed Hussein as "Senator Obama." Hussein called Senator McCain, John. It was obviously meant to show disrespect, or at best, "Look mommy! I am a big boy now!" Or, more likely, it was meant to anger McCain and have him show some temper.

Didn't work! Hey all you dumb Lefties advising Hussein, when you've endured torture for five and a half years having some empty suit of a politician call you by your first name isn't going to bother you.

Being a McCain supporter I think McCain won. FNC said 85% said McCain won. I am sure CNN and MSNBC and the MSM TV have other views, reflecting the demographics of their viewers... I think I saw CNN showing Hussein winning 58% to 39%... That's bad news for Hussein because it shows he didn't reach the audience which would be composed of Hussein minions and some "independents." i.e. Their audience had few McCain supporters. When you only win by 21% when you have an audience without almost any of McCain's base.

Later dear chums!

Cowboy poetry

Jake, the rancher, went one day to fix a distant fence.
The wind was cold and gusty and the clouds rolled gray and dense.
As he pounded the last staples in and gathered tools to go,
The temperature had fallen, the wind and snow began to blow.
When he finally reached his pickup, he felt a heavy heart.
From the sound of that ignition, he knew it wouldn't start.
So Jake did what most of us would do if we had been there.
He humbly bowed his balding head and sent aloft a prayer.

As he turned the key for the last time, he softly cursed his luck.
They found him three days later, frozen stiff in that old truck.
Now Jake had been around in life and done his share of roaming.
But when he saw Heaven, he was shocked -- it looked just like Wyoming !
Of all the saints in Heaven, his favorite was St. Peter.
(Now, this line ain't needed but it helps with rhyme and met er)
So they set and talked a minute or two, or maybe it was three.
Nobody was keeping' score -- in Heaven time is free.

"I've always heard," Jake said to Pete, "that God will answer prayer,
But one time I asked for help, well, He just plain wasn't there."
"Does God answer prayers of some, and ignore the prayers of others?
That don't seem exactly square -- I know all men are brothers."
"Or does He randomly reply, without good rhyme or reason?
Maybe, it's the time of day, the weather or the season."
"Now I ain't trying to act smart, it's just the way I feel.
And I was wondering', could you tell me -- what the heck's the deal?!"

Peter listened very patiently and when Jake was done,
There were smiles of recognition, and he said, "So, you're the one!!"
"That day your truck, it wouldn't start, and you sent your prayer a flying,
You gave us all a real bad time, with hundreds of us trying."
"A thousand angels rushed, to check the status of your file,
But you know, Jake, we hadn't heard from you in quite a long while."
"And though all prayers are answered, and God ain't got no quota,

He didn't recognize your voice, and started a truck in Minnesota ."

My thanks to Trish!