Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pope Algore has heard our pleas

and today the home turf should touch 72, a pleasant experience indeed. I shall return there from West Coast TAD tonight, assuming United remains United and does not morph again into the dreaded Un-tied. They mean well and try hard and I retain a warm feeling in my heart for all the times they went the extra mile for me.

In the meantime time the word is that the pilots of Northwest and Delta have stalled the merger talks. It may be that a merger is required to save one of them, but I would feel better if all the Executives would receive the same Tin Parachutes that the Worker Bees will get. But alas, it is but a dream. Failure in the executive suite is too often rewarded with big money and lovely retirement packages.

I remember a few years back when the CEO's Union, aka The Business Press, was pounding their drums for rewarding our Business Leaders with stock options, and explaining to us wannabees that the absence of this was the reason Japan was kicking our collective behinds and the electronics industry was fleeing the country.

No one mentioned that they would negotiate the strike price up front and be allowed to short the stock when their supposed talents fell short. Indeed, we all assumed it would be like us sales types. No success, no bonus.... Silly us, eh?

In the meantime the employees of Delta and NW hold their breath. Having been there, I send my regrets. And if anyone knows an industry that I should guide my Grandson into, please let me know.

I go now to test The Friendly Skies.

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