Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Left gets it right on Medicare

Sometimes the Left does get it right. Medicare is a single payer system and it works really well, for the most part, for the population that is targeted. We old folks that Obama wants to kill off so he can provide free health care to his base group, who mostly are either the same people ACRON wants to organize or the dumbest group of voters in the history of the world.

Of course Medicare is not free. I paid into it for 39 years and now, in this first year of Obama the Chosen, the spouse and I will hit about $2500 in Medicare premiums and $1000 Medicare RX premiums. In addition there is $4000 in supplemental insurance premiums and about $6000 in co pays and drug costs. That’s $13500 after tax dollars or about $17000 before tax.

But I digress. The issue isn’t what my health care costs are. I am merely an old fart who merely went to work in 1952 at age 14 and merely held a job continuously for the next 51 years, still consults some and still pays taxes. No, the issue is that some people are being treated unfairly. And, in fact, they are. Life its own self, to steal a line from Dan Jenkins, is unfair. I mean I could have been born rich instead of poor and “brutally handsome.” (This is a test. Where did I steal the last from?)

So let’s address the “fairness” issue.

“legitimately sought, pursued, done, given, etc.; proper under the rules”

Now, let’s put everyone under Medicare. Just send them all a Medicare card, include dental and Rx drugs in it, and pat ourselves on the back. We have been “fair.”

Of course to be fair we are going to have to pay for the drugs we use, the Doctors and Nurses time and talents, not to mention all those other workers and infrastructure involved in saving our disgustingly fat behinds.

What, pay for what we use? How so unfair. Let’s just tell the Doctors, Nurses and drug researchers it is their duty to work hard, study for years, borrow thousands of dollars to pay for the education and develop the drugs and techniques involved in saving our precious fat behinds.

I mean they will continue to do that. Won’t they? I mean we do have Hope. Don’t we? Surely they wouldn’t object to seeing 50 patients a day, investing millions in research for new drugs and having less free time than your average dope dealer on his second bust. I mean what highly educated very intelligent Doctor with years of training would object to being told how to treat patients by a bureaucrat who graduated from State Community college with a two year degree in "Administration.”

You wouldn’t mind if the government ran aviation like that would you?

“Tower this is America Screwed 69. I am low on fuel but have runway in sight. Request immediate clearance to land.”

“America Screwed 69 you are 5 minutes and 24.65 seconds late on your ETA. Per FAA rule 445000.87655.76534.1.9 request denied.

“Uh tower, be advised we are late because of bad weather over Kansas.”

“This isn’t Kansas, America Screwed 69. Turn Left to 180, proceed to holding pattern and I will send your appeal to the “Can He Land Panel.”

"Uh, tower, this is America Screwed 69, any idea on how long this will take?"

"This the tower. Don't call us, we'll call you."

"Congressional Flight Perks All The Time, this is the tower. You are cleared for take off to Warm Climes and Perks Galore. Please declare souls on board, Congressional Pages excluded."

That wouldn’t bother you would it?

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