Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On station

Some of you may have noticed that my previous post was titled "First Out" but became "Mid morning" out.

The problem was that my internet service, which had evidenced a problem whenever two drops of rain fell, became worse and worse after last week's demonstration that tornados can destroy almost anything man can build. Union University, a Baptist Institution was a fine example of that and I expect donations to come pouring in from thru out the world any year now...

Anyway, the telephone company showed up just as I was completing, and went straight to work. They assure me that they have corrected the problem and that my blatherings won't be interrupted in the future. Yes. I am sure. Uh huh.

But onward! Ever ownward! Looking for rogue submarines and other such nasties that could cause us harm and trouble.

Heading the list comes a memory of other stupid and arrogant acts by leaders of the Party of Surreder.

State Department officials said Thursday they made it quite clear they did not want Pelosi to visit Syria, a nation that is listed as a state sponsor of terror and is home to terror group Hezbollah, which started a low-grade war with Israel last summer.

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And I am sure those who were pushed past the veils hiding Old Rot and his friends the Worm Patrols are comforted by dying in a “low grade” war. And this from FNC yet! But I digress.

That was April 7, 2007 and was despicable at best. It raised quite a row and many thought it was in direct violation of the Logan Act.

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But now we find that one of Hussien Obama’s senior advisors has dashed off to Syria:

Zbigniew Brzezinski will travel to Damascus for meetings as part of a trip Syria's official Cham News agency described as an "important sign that the end of official dialogue between Washington and Damascus has not prevented dialogue with important American intellectuals and politicians."

Ah yes, the Z man. AKA known as Jimmy Carter’s NSA. Jimmy C of course is known for his ability to build houses, condemn Israel and helping create the mess we’re in because of his decision to not support the Sha of Iran in 1979. Way to go Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course we always have the JUSTIFICATION for these actions.

An assistant to Mr. Brzezinski, Trudy Werner, told The New York Sun yesterday: "He is leading a delegation for RAND and they will be in Damascus. It is a high-level delegation and they are meeting with some high-level people in the region. There is no shortage of issues in the Middle East to discuss as I'm sure you know."

Uh, yes, Trudy. Lots of issues. Of course us ROF’s expect it to be done by duly elected governmental officials and such as those retained and used by them. It’s kinda a legal and constitutional thing, if you know what I mean.

Plainer. That would be POTUS and those he supervises….

So the problems with Hussein continue. His top adviser is a former Jimmy C guy. I wonder if those screaming teenagers actually know Jimmy C? Well, though it is as unlikely as me winning the World Series of Poker....

If any of them read this blog….Young ladies!!!!! The Z man is from the 70’s!!!! What is this? “Back to the Future 2008??”

Oh well, time to depart for Home Base. And here’s to a quick debrief and a large Stoly.

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First out.

It’s cold this morning and it looks like more of the same for the next several days. This is not what I left the Queen City of the Plains for. Worse, it is spitting snow. Not the 40 inches type that Denver catches from time to time but the “nobody can drive on this sh*t and will run you over” kind.

My Grandson is protesting that school should be closed. To my story that I used to walk four miles to school barefoot in the snow, up hill both ways, he only answers, “Oh Grandad.”

Worse, I have pulled my usual act and put off getting a Valentine, candy and flowers for the love of my life. Sometimes today I will have to do some heroics. And to think I could have ordered roses through Sean, The Big Guy and Glen Beck.

Valentine has now become Christmas Redux with the merchants building expectations of Great Sex if you will dress her by Victoria Secret, put shiny baubles in her ears, candy on the table and pretty cards declaring your undying love.

Based on the divorce rates it appears there are also others things that have some importance.

Speaking of love.

It appears that Hussein Obama has won more delegates and the pundits are referring to his campaign as a “movement.” Having watched some of his fans, especially of the female gender, I prefer to think of it as a new religion. Many of them are only a step above drinking the poison kool aid if he should happen to suggest it would be helpful.

On the male side I wonder if they aren’t expecting 72 virgins to be provided by the Feds should they make the ultimate mistake and vote for Hussein. Sheer clothing, candy, cards and diamonds available upon request.

Double standards anyone??

And then we have Media Matters demanding that MSNBC quit demeaning Hillary, which has been translated into “all females” on many of the Leftie blogs. A petition is available for you to sign but not on this blog. Do your own work. Hussein’s shock troops have not been idle. They claim that the comments have been both sexist and racist. Expect to see more of this tripe from them in the future. Especially when some reporter who doesn’t care that he will suffer for it, asks some hard question of Hussein.

Like, “What changes are you actually talking about?” To all of Hussein’s lady fans I think we should remind them of the midlife change that lurks in their future, and ask how they think they will enjoy that. But I digress. If Hussein calls, what is a few million hot flashes??

The actual comments featured a guy named Shuster noting that Chelesa was “pimping” for Hillary. I do not know what was in his heart, but his head must have been empty if he thought such a comment would not immediately be attacked. Proving again that using words and phrases from the ‘hood should be left to those with a better claim to understanding what they mean.

Perhaps Jesse can come forward and apologize for using the expression “Hymie Town.”

And then we have Tucker Carlson, one of the two designated MSNBC Repubs and Conservatives who opined:

"I have often said, when she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs."

Which also has been attacked as sexist and racist. Exactly how a comment about a single person without referencing her sex or race can be sexist or racist escapes me but then I am not a fan of Hussein, Hillary or the Demo Left. The scary part is that we have people, a large number of people, who evidently think we should not say negative things about any minority or female…. That is, of course, stupid. But then again look at what we have to deal with.