Friday, October 3, 2014

When to leave a poker game

is the subject of much debate. Some say set a fixed amount of winnings or losings. I say some things will tell you. For example.

I was in a good fixed limit holdem game and was up about 60 big blinds. The game was solid. lots of fun to play. No whiners. No out of line loose play. Like I said. You could play poker and have fun!

Then it changed. A  guy sat down on my immediate right chug-a-lugged his Bud Lite, loudly ordered another and raised his first hand, chased a another player's pocket queens and made a 9 4 two pair on the river. And did it again and again. Accompanied by loud explanations as to why he called and raised and did it again and again.

Now I confess that I don't mind one loose player in a game. H/she you can beat. Two you can't. So even though he was on my left, and I much prefer loose players on my right, I decided that I was A Much Better Player Than H/she and dug in... In other words greed over took my common sense which was screaming "Leave! Leave!"

 Even worse a friend sat down on my right side and wanted to discuss the state of his world. Now normally I don't mind socializing. That's what poker is all about. But the combination of the loose dude yelling and my bud complaining the game got worse.

And the other dude talked louder and louder. And mostly in my ear. I asked him not to and he apologized and quit for about 5 minutes and then did it again. I called the floor supervisor and she did and he did ...again for about 5 minutes.

And another loose loser joined him and the game turned into show down.

Now I know some people say you can't beat a loose game by playing tight and you can't beat a tight game by playing loose. I disagree. If it turns into a showdown game it is just luck and if it is tight and you play loose you can't win in the long run... Which the dude on my Left did. But, or so I am told, before he busted out he burned a whole lot of other people's chips as well as his own.

But I digress.

After about an hour I had lost about a third of my winnings despite using good starting card selection and paying close attention to position. Not to forget saying to myself , "Don't get frustrated."

Finally I picked up an AK of clubs. Yes. Big slick on the button. A player in the middle raised and I made it 3 bets to go. Loud dude happily made it 4 bets. Not having completely lost my mind I just called.

The flop came  65 of clubs and 8 of hearts. Loud dude bet. Two people called. I raised to get a free card and everyone called.

The turn was a K of diamonds. Not the card I ws hoping for but hey! Top pair with an A kicker. Loud dude checked and it was checked around to me. I bet. He raised. Everyone folded to me. I called.

The river was a 5 of diamonds. Loud dude bet. I almost raised but I'm not completely stupid. I called and he turned over a 4 7 off suit. He had made a terrible call in the worst position and beat my ears off with his rainbow straight on the flop.

So I took the 50% I had left and made it to the cage. Why?? Not because of his play but because:

I flopped a big draw and made a big pair on the turn which sucked me along and 2 pair on the river which cost me more.

When you're getting hit with hands like it's time for a drink and beddy bye.

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