Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet the New Islam Just Like the Old Islam

They haven't forgotten.

The aim of the event is to promote dialogue between the world’s main religions, and, as some observers suspect, to establish a one-world religion based on Islam.....

Saudi officials said Spain was chosen as the site for the gathering because of its historical symbolism as a place where Muslims and those Jews and Christians who paid the dhimmi tax lived in peace under Islamic rule between the 8th and 13th centuries.

Don't you love..... "as some observers suspect....?"

Stuff I couldn't make up

There is stupid and then there is really stupid.

But actually this is just another attempt by the Left to re-write history.

“I want to tell you I’m not here for or against any government,” Springsteen said, as he pointedly introduced his rendition of the Bob Dylan ballad “Chimes of Freedom.”

Bad News USA Today

I have to be nasty.

This really couldn't be more deserved.

July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Gannett Co., the largest U.S. newspaper publisher, said second-quarter profit declined 36 percent after advertising sales at USA Today plunged. The stock dropped to its lowest level since 1985.

USA Today's ad sales fell 27 percent in June, the steepest monthly decline this year and worse than the 16 percent drop reported for all Gannett publications.

They have had an anti-growth, anti-business, anti-energy pro environmental wacko Demo favorable bias for years. If anyone deserves what we are going through now, it is these people. Perhaps some humble pie will adjust their attitude.

Naaaaaaw. They'll just blame Bush and the country.

Meet a Hussein supporter

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When one totals McCain's 23 missions over North Vietnam, times the number of minutes he was actually over enemy territory (approximately 20 to 35 minutes per mission), McCain's total time over Vietnam before being shot down, was about 10 1/2 hours.

For those 10 1/2 hours over Vietnam, McCain, the Admiral's son, was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, the Vietnamese Legion of Honor and three Purple Hearts averaging over one hero medal per hour.


The above is probably from a guy in his early 20's, has never had anything more difficult than choosing which cereal to eat for breakfast and grew up hearing "Good job!" every time he did anything. Failures included.

His schooling consisted of no hard science or math, was repeatedly told that America was evil and thinks that we can all just get along if we'll just throw open the borders and let everyone in to "do their thing."

He represents the perfect storm of ignorance about the world that is heading towards us guided by the elites we have allowed to destroy our great education system and captained by a man who, knowing nothing and having been given everything, is the perfect candidate to lead us into the next dark age.


Heaven Help Us Hussein has his excuse

Hussein has, in error, claimed that terrorism is caused by poverty. That he is wrong is demonstrated by the middle class/professional class status of the terrorist on 9/11 and in England. And by some actual research.


Take Egypt as a test case. In a 1980 study, the Egyptian social scientist Saad Eddin Ibrahim interviewed Islamists in Egyptian jails and found that the typical member is "young (early twenties), of rural or small-town background, from the middle or lower middle class, with high achievement and motivation, upwardly mobile, with science or engineering education, and from a normally cohesive family." In other words, Ibrahim concluded, these young men were "significantly above the average in their generation"; they were "ideal or model young Egyptians." In a subsequent study, he found that out of 34 members of the violent group At-Takfir w'al-Hijra, fully 21 had fathers in the civil service, nearly all of them middle-ranking. More recently, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service found that the leadership of the militant Islamic group Al-Jihad "is largely university educated with middle-class backgrounds." These are not the children of poverty or despair.

But alas, we now have the ultimate...

This is from the BBC.

The chances of anti-social behaviour among boys who are maltreated as they grow up may be determined by their genetic make-up, research suggests.

Researchers from King's College in London have found that boys who have a particular version of a gene are much more likely to go off the rails if they suffer maltreatment when young.

The discovery raises the possibility of developing drugs to combat crime, the scientists believe.

No more wars, we'll just dispatch Home Health.

Don't forget the campfire group sings and hugs as the camel chips burn ever so brightly..

Hmmmmmm... I wonder which drug company sponsored the research.