Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, the Lefties and the Lame Stream Media have their panties all in a wad

because some Repub dumbs dumbs said some nasties and used some nasties about Obamie in a meeting.

I mean I thought the Obamie minions on CNN and MSNBC were going to pee all over themselves with fake outrage.

I say dumbs dumbs because they also left a copy for the evil empire to see. Shades of cigars and blue dresses!

I guess all this means we shouldn't be calling Pelolsi "Lyin Nancy" because she lied about not knowing about waterboarding?

The Demos shouldn't have called Nixon "Tricky Dick?"

I shouldn't call Obamie the Bower Obamie The Bower because he never met a Muslim King he wouldn't bow down to?

There were no cartoons of Bush as "Bushape" and "Bushilter?"

Demos shouldn't have called Dewey "That man on top of the wedding cake?"

LBJ shouldn't have run those ads (talk about scaring people!) of atomic bombs going off?

I mean really dear Lefties. As the Clintonista's told us, "Politics is a blood sport." If you can't stand the heat leave the kitchen! You know you gotta play hurt!

And most of all, man up!

Uh sorry, I realize you can't do that.

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