Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last call for 1-24-10

Larry P sends this along:

On August 18, 2009, even though President Obama is against off shore drilling for our country, he signed an executive order to loan 2 Billion of our taxpayers dollars to a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company (which is the 8th largest company in the entire world) to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil ! The oil that comes from this operation is for the sole purpose and use of China and NOT THE USA ! Now here's the real clincher...the Chinese government is under contract to purchase all the oil that this oil field will produce, which is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil.

We have absolutely no gain from this transaction whatsoever!

Wait, it gets more interesting.

Guess who is the largest individual stockholder of this Brazilian Oil Company and who would benefit most from this? It is American BILLIONAIRE, George Soros, who was one of President Obama's most generous financial supporter during his campaign.

Below is the Wall street Journal article to confirm this. Link WSJ.

Is anyone actually surprised?

Not that I cared much either way but that pass interference call that set the Saints up for the win was an uncatchable ball.... Yet the Zebras made the call right there in front of millions and I am sure the league will defend it..

Oh well, the line was 3 and 1/2 so the Saints didn't cover even with the help of that call and a generous spot and a gimme on a reception that could have been called incomplete.....Must have been Bush's fault... All the ghosts of the people who died in the dome... (sarcasm alert)

And my condolences to Kdog. Payton and his helpers not only beat the Jets but covered the spread.

Sorry guy.

My wife tells me she heard that cell phone use helps prevent Alzheimer's disease... I guess the brain cancer rots out the impacted part.

I was driving along the other night at a cruise controlled 70 when Smokey blew by me doing about 90 or more. The highway was empty going my way and fairly flat so I was able to see the guy exit about a mile in front of me and come back around and immediately start pursuing a car on the opposite side...flashing flights and the whole deal.

And here I thought the police was supposed to obey the speed limits unless in pursuit of a criminal...silly me, eh?

Hugo Chavez says we have an earthquake machine... No Hugo, that's just Danny Glover caterwauling..

Turn off the lights on the way out... and lock the door.

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Obama quote of the day for 1-24-10

People of Berlin - people of the world - this is our moment. This is our time.

I think we have heard that plea from Germany before. Say about 80 years ago.

Shall we speculate?

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On Twitter I am Lesabre1