Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good times and Democrats and taxes

When the Demos won in 2006 it took two of these to buy a gallon of gas. Now it takes almost 4.

When the Demos won in 2006 it took almost four of these to buy a gallon of milk. Now it takes almost six.

And they think we should elect a Demo Pres??? Good God! What's next? A tax increase??

How did I know?

Democrats Propose Largest Tax Increase in History
The Democrat budget reported Wednesday proposes the largest tax increase in U.S.
history – $392.5 billion over 5 years – mainly to finance immense new spending through 2012. Although they try to insist otherwise, the figures in their budget assume these tax increases will occur automatically – and without them they cannot achieve a balanced budget, as they claim.

My thanks to Dave T for the image.

Hussein Obama wins and loses

Well, the expected happened, which was, of course, expected and Hillary and Hussein split.

And the media is busily examining the entrails of the pigeons who roost in DC to determine if a General Election is needed, or if we can schedule a coronation of Hussein and Ms Michelle on say, July four... "Election? We don't need no stinkin' election.."

As for the Democrats, I have zero sympathy for a party that has completely abandoned its roots and has shown it is willing to vote for a man with Hussein's background and friends. I would mention other Demos with such backgrounds, but the Internet deserves better.

It is enough to say that such a collective example of ignorance has not been seen since 1968. Of course some of the Demo elders, such as Cokie and Steve Roberts, have a small grasp on the problem, as indicated in the following. Read carefully.

The election map, however, has been starkly static during the Bush years, with only three small states switching sides between 2000 and 2004. Winning Ohio with Clinton is a safer bet for Democrats than capturing Colorado and Virginia with Obama.

So why don't Democratic leaders and superdelegates face these facts and shift to Clinton? One reason is race. It's true, as Obama says, that being black in America has hardly been a political asset, given the fact that he's the only African-American in the U.S. Senate.

But at this time, in this party, being black is an enormous asset. Given America's long, torturous path toward racial justice, many Democrats simply cannot imagine denying the nomination to the first serious African-American candidate for president.

From a moral perspective, that's a noble judgment. From a political perspective, it could cost Democrats the White House.

What the Roberts don't tell us is why electing a man with demonstrated poor judgement, no experience and no declaration of what he would do as President is noble. The answer of course is that it is about race, and makes the Left feel good. That, of course, is stupid to the max.

Would they pick a surgeon based solely on his color? Would they hire a pilot solely because he is black?

And what does "moral" have to do with it? Would it be moral to take your child to doctor just because he is black? Would they think it moral to risk the lives of airline passengers just to hire a pilot based on his color?

The answer is no. They would do none of the above. But the New Left in general is always willing to let someone else defend the country, pay for failed programs and put up with people who continually demonstrate their elitist beliefs. Only in this case if they get their way they will be in charge with few actual adults in sight.

Of course, as is now common knowledge, Hussein is winning based on his race. But the truth is the Democrats have already been getting 90 per cent of the black vote, so he brings nothing additional in that regard. The question is, will he bring new black voters and the brain washed college crowd to make up the difference of the Independents and Demos who will vote for McCain.

My sense is that he will not. Oh the MSM will posture and shame and the theater will be terrific, but in the end the majority of the American public will vote not on color but on qualifications.

We have come too far from Jim Crow to do anything else.