Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guantanamo prisoners innocent.

And must be released. I know this because I have been told so by the MSM and other members of the Left. Now would they lie??

Three years ago, Abdullah Saleh al-Ajmi, a Kuwaiti soldier who deserted to fight in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban, sat in a detention cell at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, while lawyers argued whether he was an "enemy combatant."

Last week, a Dubai-based television channel reported that al-Ajmi was killed carrying out a homicide bombing in Mosul, Iraq.


Now I would like to tell you this hasn't happened before. But it has.

Of the people that we've released, we've captured a number of them or killed a number of them back on the battlefield in Afghanistan," Hunter, R-Calif., told FOX News on Sunday. "The question is, are we liberal enough in the application of our standards that determine who we release back into the world. I think some American parents who have kids out there would argue we're too liberal."

Citing a memo prepared for him by his staff, Hunter proceeded to discuss some of the at least 10 detainees who have been released from Guantanamo Bay, or Gitmo, only to re-join the fight against the U.S. coalition bringing democracy to Afghanistan.

Among the names listed in the memo is Mohammed Yusif Yaqeb (search), also known as Mullah Shazada. Yaqeb was released in May 2003. He proceeded to become the head of Taliban (search) operations in southern Afghanistan and was killed one year later in a fight with U.S. forces.


Election Results

Here's one of my favs from Carlin.


Can't help rembering the first time I saw George in person.... spring of '77 at, I think, Ceasers.

No Rosie

that's not correct.

O'DONNELL: But Kathie Lee, you know what it's like for someone to pull one quote out of context for you.

He was comparing it to when the government did give syphilis to black Americans for 40 years. What he was saying is in his history, in his genetic memory, he knows what it's like for the government to infect his own people because he lived through those Tuskegee experiments. And that's what he was talking about.

That didn't happen. The government chose to not treat them, using placebos in some cases to observe the progress of the disease. That was a terrible thing and deserves total condemnation.

But the government didn't infect the men with syphilis. They had the disease when the "study" started. You would think that with all the money Rosie has, and all the assistants, she could at least get important facts straight.


Democrats love taxes

The usual suspects are attacking McCain and Hillary's proposal for a holiday on collection of the diesel and gasoline tax.

link to Bloomberg

(Alice)Rivlin, who headed the CBO before running the White House budget office during the Clinton administration, was among the Clinton backers signing the letter.

``I don't have to agree with everything she says, and I think she was wrong on this one,'' Rivlin said in an interview today. ``If anything, we need higher gas taxes.''

Alice doesn't bother to explain how pushing millions of Americans closer to bankruptcy would be good for them. But then I wager that she has never had to worry about the price of gasoline, the cost of groceries or explaining to the landlord why she can't pay the rent.

That we pay attention to such people is a national disgrace. That she is a Democrat shows how far a once great party has fallen.

I love baber shops

I got a haircut yesterday, actually all of them. And as a bonus, I had the opportunist to view up close where the mindset of the American citizen is.

Most of it was on the price of gas, and I sensed a victory for neither, but rather a vast disgust at the politicians' lack of action, and both sides are in deep dodo. And Hillary, as FOS as usual, may have hit the right button when she made her aggressive anti-OPEC comments... But that was covered earlier.

Somehow the subject swung to crime, and then to dope. And the really unusual thing I found was the group, no youngsters in it, all more or less had also had it over the so-called war on drugs.

Now my position on drugs hasn't changed. Some drugs, such as speed and Ecstasy and the date rape drug should be illegal and stamped out. But beyond that, and I may have missed some of the no-nos, I think we are wasting our time over them. They are all bad and I use no drugs except for a glass of wine or other alcohol base drink, but people have been using them for years, and will continue. And as long as people do, criminals will serve the market and seek to expand that market by pushing dope to our children and to kill each other over turf and profits.

So what to do? I say make'em legal. Sell'em at liquor stores and use the tax revenue for education and treatment. And that would include nicotine based products which are killing hundreds of thousands each year through the big C and big E, not to mention heart attacks and strokes caused by nicotine.

And just as ignoring the environmental wackos will require great political courage to start drilling for oil, this will require great political courage to ignore the religious Right and reform the laws.

Will it ever happen? Only after we finally realize that the current cost does not justify the current results.

Hussein's buddy

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one says it all.


Update: The above link to the Chicago Magazine no longer works, and I have no idea as to why. Too much traffic?? Doesn't want the picture spread? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here's another link, this time to Hugh Hewitt at Townhall.

And yes, that is an American flag he is standing on.