Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I just got push polled..

The phone rang about 8:30PM. I saw "Out of Area" on the Caller ID screen and the lady ID'd herself as a rep for a national research firm and asked if I would be willing to answer questions for a national poll.

Aw, I thought, Gallup has finally found me.

She started off asking questions about direction of the state, economy, Governor, was I registered, was I planning on voting, etc... all pretty straight forward questions.... Then the question came about the local election for state representative.

Would I vote for the conservative Democrat who walked on water or would I vote for the dastardly Republican who was only inches away from being jailed for being a horse thief who raised taxes four times.....

You may thing I overstate, but the Democrat could literally raise the dead. OK, OK, I know that's Husseins's job. And the Republician was a worthless cur.

I should have kept my mouth shut and seen if the next question would have been about the Senate race followed by the Presidential race. But I couldn't.

I demanded the name of the firm and after some confusion she said, "Cooper and Seacrest." The line went dead as if someone had pulled the plug.

Being a ROF I think I will do some calling tomorrow. I know the Democratic candidate and I'm going to tell him that any chance that he had ever had of getting my vote died when that call came in.

And I am going to ask him if he is for all the things the Republicans are for and against all the things the Democrats are for, which is what the lady said, why in the Hell is he running as a Democrat?

It probably won't do me any good but I will feel better and maybe he will feel worse.

Nashville Bureaucrats 1 - People 0

The Davidson County Election Commission just voted 3-2 not to put the English-only charter amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot.

The vote followed a unanimous decision to certify that enough signatures had been collected and verified in order for the measure to be eligible to appear on the ballot. But that vote may not be the final word.

Councilman Eric Crafton, one of the driving forces behind the ballot initiative, said a lawsuit is likely in the near future.

The room in which the commission cast its votes today was packed with about 40 onlookers, television, print and radio reporters, lawyers representing either side of the issue and private citizens.

At issue is whether the proposal constitutes too many amendments being proposed in a two-year period -- the city's charter limits the number. The group putting the issue forward wants all city business done in English.

The excuse given is obviously just a means to keep from letting the people vote.

So that we know, as if we didn't, who blocked it, a poster wrote:

vegas07 - It's a shame there isn't a place to write it on the ballot! By-the-way, it is the democrats that voted it down. The commission is made up of 3-democrats and 2 republican and the entire kit-n-kaboodle of the election commission is politically run anyway.

Real surprise, eh??


Which brings me to this.

Press one for English.

Denver is not known for its seafood

Democrat Platte River Special.

Don't be shocked. This is from the same people who tell you drilling for American oil won't lower gasoline prices but over inflating your tires will!!