Sunday, December 7, 2008

A boy and his train..

This came from Grant M or Jimmy M... sorry guys, can't remember which... I am not getting old. I am not getting old.......

Can't we all just get along... with terrorists?

Yesterday I wrote of a Somali immigrant who returned to Somali and killed 29 people when he killed himself. Now we find there are more.

Nearly a dozen local boys and young men have gone missing in the past two years, said Somali community leader Abdirizak Bihi, whose nephew is among them. There likely are more, he said.

Some of the men and boys have called home saying they are in Somalia, without specifying why. There is concern they were brainwashed and then left to fight in the civil war their parents fled from, local leaders said Saturday.

Without specifying who they believe recruited the young men for such a mission, leaders said investigators should look closely at the money at local Muslim institutions.

"(The missing men and boys) have been financially supported to leave the country with the promise of utopian society," Bihi said. "(But) they are in harm's way."

Local concerns grew after a Minneapolis man, Shirwa Ahmed, disappeared and killed himself in a suicide bombing in northern Somalia on Oct. 29.

No one should be surprised at this. It has long been obvious that this last and current wave of Muslim immigrants are not being successfully assimilated into society and are busy demanding their "rights" from cab drivers refusing to carry passengers with alcohol and/or dogs to schools that teach it is okay to steal from and kill Jews and non-Muslims.

The obvious villain in this is our dear friend, "diversity," in which we are told to celebrate the differences. The dummies who teach this nonsense must think that all that is different is dress and food differences and that pleas of, "Can't we all just get along," are heard by the terrorists.

But rational people are hard to find among our elitist Lefties. They still don't understand that "useful idiots" is a term as applicable to them regarding radical Muslim terrorists as it was 70 years ago to the Leftie fans of Stalin.

Actually they are heard , and their answer is a simple and easy to understand by rational people, "No."


Bits and pieces

I read and hear that Caroline Kennedy has decided that it is her turn to be a Senator, reason being is that she has raised her children and has done good things.

Oh, did I mention her name is Kennedy? Besides Hillary she will have other big shoes to fill.

And I read somewhere that a better Big 3 bailout would be to give everyone vouchers so they could buy a new automobile.. Let's see... $30,000 (3 x 10 to the 4th) x 300,000,000 (300 x 10 to the 6th) is 900 x 10 to the 10th or $9 trillion.... You know, whoever thought this up has a future in politics or else selling paper to the US Mint's printing office..... And that figure doesn't include the cultural sojourners...aka illegal aliens.

In the meantime it appears that William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, he of the $500,000 in the fridge fame, is being challenged by a Vietnamese Catholic Priest who speaks four languages. It is not known if Ebonics is one of them. What endears me to the Democrats dogged support of old "Cold Cash" is this account of his actions during Katrina.

Two Heavy Trucks, Helicopter Were Involved in Lawmaker's Trip at Height of Crisis

"I can't comment on why the congressman decided not to go in the aircraft," McPherson said. "Did it take a little more time to send the rescue swimmer back a second time? Yes … You'd have to ask the congressman if it was a waste of time or not."

The Louisiana National Guard then sent a second five-ton truck to rescue the first truck, and Jefferson and his personal items were returned to the Superdome.

You see the power was off and he was concerned that his goldfish's loss of their aerator would kill them. And, yes, I saw "A Fish Named Wanda..."

Wait! This just in!"

NEW ORLEANS — Representative William J. Jefferson was defeated by a little-known Republican lawyer here Saturday in a late-running Congressional election, underscoring the sharp demographic shifts in this city since Hurricane Katrina and handing Republicans an unexpected victory in a district that had been solidly Democratic.

Oh, really? Didn't they re-elect the same mayor??

I love this one from TalkLeft.

Sometimes (5.00 / 1) (#57)
by Fabian on Sat Dec 06, 2008 at 08:25:12 AM CST

I wonder about the future of our civilization.

Not our species, because we've proved to be an incredibly adaptable species. But the very social instincts that makes us collectively strong and resilient is the same drive that causes us to be collectively stupid, short sighted and aggressive.

We are self limiting. We will consume as many resources as possible to keep ahead of the Them, even if it means impoverishing centuries of our descendants and destroying everything we have built.

If this is Intelligent Design, then the Designer is a moron! That's why I believe in evolution - because all the evidence points to a driving force that only thinks about surviving long enough to create the next generation. That works for individuals and species, but it totally bombs out for societies and civilizations. As far as evolution is concerned, the newest generation is more than welcome to devour everything the previous generation has built if it increases the current generation's chances of survival.

Think about it. Evolution causes actions that destroys civilization and societies.

And the fact that it is civilized societies that tolerate changed (evolved) individuals means??

Later chums!