Friday, December 28, 2007

Time to get serious

All Moslems are not terrorists, but so far this latest burst of the worst man can demonstrate are all Moslems.

So when I read of another ME politician being killed, and the killer then killing themselves and twenty others, I am not surprised. And when I read of the campaign manager of Barack Hussein Obama blaming Hilary I am not surprised. Just as the innocents must be slaughtered in Pakistan to terrify others, so must America be blamed, although Hillary is certainly a surprising choice.

I remember well when I first heard of terrorism touching America in a direct way. I had just arrived at the Lexington Hyatt. It was raining. All in all it had been a nasty drive and I found the news disconcerting wondering how quickly Carter would take action.

How stupid of me to think that the man from Plains with Lust in his heart but no sand in his craw would do anything. If you ever want to see the crucible that brought forth modern terrorism, study Carter’s inept performance.

And don’t leave out Reagan, Bush the elder and Clinton. All thought they had bigger fish to fry, and all thought they could placate the killers and control them through “statecraft.”

How stupid of them to ignore thousands of years of history that showed that the ME had always been awash in rulers using religion to control the peasants and use them in their drive for power. But they did.

Now we have Bush the W, and while I give him E for effort, it is time for him to stop calling Islam “the religion of peace.” Billions of its followers may be peaceful, but quite a few of them claim that the world has to be converted and if it takes killing some innocents, so be it.

And the problem now is that it is very likely that this latest disaster of the State Department will result in Pakistan breaking apart and the terrorists getting their hands on a nuclear device, or dozen. If that happens you can expect hundreds of thousands of US citizens dead.

It is time for the US to make it plain to those in the ME that if the US or Israel is harmed the results will be a lot of rulers become “ex” and a few ancient cities becoming dust. Simpler. Fix your problems people or we will fix them for you.