Friday, December 26, 2008

Congressional Airliners

Aka Con Air

Pelosi's tax payer paid for private jet.

Hillary as a ventriloquist

Look closely.... You can't see her lips move.

Global warming facts.

With the appointment of Hussein's science advisor, and Hussein's terribly wrong declaration of man made global warming being of the utmost importance I thought you might enjoy these NPR interviews with Michael Crichriton.

If you watch them it will be helpful to do so in order. It will also be helpful to remember they are about 4 years old and do not reflect what Crichton thought about the decrease in temperatures and other changes.

I think you will find his conclusion interesting, in that even though he believes, he doesn't think we should be going gaga over it and that it would be, if it existed at all, a perfectly manageable situation and not worth the $568,000,000,000... that's $568 Trillion dollars.... that was the estimate to reduce the temperature by a half degree C... Remember that the new goal is to reduce it by 1 degree C and the cost would run into the Peta dollars.... that is 15 zeros.

Crichton Pt 1

Crichton Pt 2

Crichton Pt 3

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

All the pundits keep asking this question. Why, I don't know, unless I am truly smarter than the average national talking head. Something that, even if true, really gives me little to brag about. But I digress.

The answer is.

Barack Hussein Obama is a second rate product of the Democratic Chicago Machine that has parlayed his race into becoming President of the United States.

His supporters have the stench of fanaticism around them and while he and they try and cloak him in the mantle of FDR and Kennedy, his closest actual role model is Truman, who was also a Democratic Machine Politician, although from Kansas City rather than Chicago.

In the end Truman's patriotism, basic honesty and common sense turned him into one the 10 best Presidents in history. Unfortunately Husssein has yet to demonstrate any of these traits.

And your next question is?