Monday, January 28, 2008

Moderation turned off

I finally figured out how to turn the "moderation" feature off.

So the several of you that complained that you didn't like to wait to see your comments published no longer have to.

Understand that I have no way to edit your comment, so if it contains ojectional words, etc., I can only delete. I am hopeful I will never have to.

Hussein Obama

is an honorable man. And he certainly isn't a Muslim. He only had two fathers who were, and he only went to a school that taught Islam for a few years. His religion now is Trinity United Church of Christ and there are only some biblical passages that he is unsure about. But Hussein Obama is an honorable man, full of good faith and now blessed by the Pope of Kennedy, so full of virture himself. And who can say that him getting 84%of the black vote in Nevada and 80% in South Carolina has anything to do with race? Who would dare to mention that because it brings in race, and no one dares play the race card. For Hussein Obama is an honorable man, and some things dare not be said.

Comes now Rezko, his friend, supporter and next door neighbor. The papers say that this man has many legal problems, but Hussein Obama is an honorable man. When he wanted to buy a house with an adjoining lot he could not afford it, but Hussein Obama is an honorable man so it is mere coincidence that his friend's wife bought the lot allowing Hussein Obama to buy the house, but Hussein Obama is an honorable man.

And who could find that strange? Certainly everyone would want to do things that help such an honorable man.

Now some say that his friend is a slumlord, a species that has been known to prey on poor blacks and whites alike, but Hussein Obama is a honorable man. The government says that his friend obtained his bail money from the Middle East, but Hussein Obama is an honorable man. It is said that a friend of his friend is an Iraqi billionaire who when he was denied a visa to enter the US, his friend asked certain Illinois officals to appeal the State Department's decision. Some have hinted that the Illinois official was Hussein Obama, but surely not, for Hussein is an honorable man.


ABC News

Update: Some earlier readers may have noticed that I identified Obama's church as United Methodist. I have corrected it. My apologies to anyone who was offended.

Link to FNC

It must be the water in......

"If Hitler were still alive and walked through Brattleboro, I think the local police would arrest him for war crimes," Daims said.

Now, who do you think would say the above, and where would you think it would be said?

Kurt Daims, 54, of Brattleboro,(Vermont), the organizer of the petition drive, said Friday the debate to get the issue on the ballot was a good one. Opposition to the vote focused on whether the town had any power to endorse the matter.

"It is an advisory thing," said Daims, a retired prototype machinist and stay-at-home dad of three daughters.

Hey Kurt! Don't wanna pop your bubble, but we have an advisory thing every four years. It is called an "election." Now, your side lost the last 5 out of 7. You have another chance this year, where you will probably lose again because of antics such as this.

And it isn't "an advisory thing."

Brattleboro residents will vote at town meeting on whether President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice if they ever step foot in Vermont.

That is a "you do this thing." Can you imagine your local police trying to get by the Secret Service? I guess you don't have friends on the local PD. ;-)

And BTW, Kurt. Calling Bush Hitler displays an amazing lack of originality. Every Leftie in the world has been doing that for the past eight years.