Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stimulus package for Switzerland

While Hussein calls the Repubs badies for not agreeing that his porkulus bill is a stimulus bill and the Lame Stream Media wets in their pants from the tongue lashing, the European Canary is gasping for air.
9. One more thing. The World Economic Forum produces news that might be as significant as what is reported internationally. Take this item. On the main street of Davos, there is a bookstore with much material on Tibet. (Many Tibetans settled in Switzerland – it is the mountains, you know.) Accordingly, the lady running the store had books about Tibet in the shop window. She also displayed a Tibetan flag. The local police forced her to remove the flag and the books. Upon protest, Mrs. Merz, the owner, was allowed to put at least the books back. One hopes that the limo of Mr. Wen passes the place fast enough so as not to be offended by the offensive prayer books. Oh, yes! There is no legal basis for the police’ preventive kowtow before a tyranny that is assumed to be thin skinned. The flag removal expressed the fear of Peking and happened because, then and there, the police had more muscle than Mrs. Merz. We are left with another nice example of how constitutional rights are violated in order to please a dictatorship.

Think of the above.
"There is no legal basis...." There is a desire "to please a dictatorship."
And here I use to think the Swiss stood for something.
They obviously need a democracy stimulus package.


The Spy who came in from the gold

WASHINGTON -- The White House's nominee for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta, has earned more than $700,000 in speaking and consulting fees since the beginning of 2008, with some of the payments coming from troubled financial firms and from a firm that invests in contractors for federal national security agencies, according to financial disclosures released Wednesday.
Mr. Panetta received $56,000 from Merrill Lynch & Co. for two speeches and $28,000 for a speech for Wachovia Corp., according to disclosures released ahead of Thursday's scheduled Senate hearing on Mr. Panetta's nomination.
Both Merrill and Wachovia reported big losses last year and were acquired by larger firms. The Wachovia honorarium was dated Oct. 30, and the last Merrill Lynch honorarium was dated Oct. 11, according to disclosure forms filed by Mr. Panetta in connection with his nomination. At the time, Bank of America had agreed to a rescue of Merrill Lynch; Wachovia had agreed to be acquired by Wells Fargo & Co.

Now we know his qualifications.

Link to Wall Street Journal.