Saturday, May 17, 2008


With all the sniveling by the Left over Bush's dead solid perfect shot on Hussein's dumb offer to meet with Iran and other terrorist nations, I thought it time to revisit this classic post by IowaHawk.

Be sure and read it all. Here's a taste.

Americans are famous for their diversity, and nowhere is this diversity more on display than in the various ways we celebrate the Fourth of July. Whether you are a traditional infidel enjoying hot dogs and cold watermelon, a recent immigrant infidel celebrating your new citizenship with a colorful piƱata full of sweet treats, or like me, a not-as-yet-arrived-there-American who celebrates our independence through videotaped beheadings, we Americans have an almost infinite variety of ways of ‘lighting up the Fourth.’

Sweetie and other stuff

Good morning everyone, and especially all you "sweetie" types. And if you have went to school for years, worked hard for years in your profession and expect to be called by, at least, your first name... Well don't worry. After a couple of fainting spells and falling on your head you won't remember when you thought you were somebody, sweetie.

It has already happened to thousands of your peers.

Now get your cute behind over there and wait. We'll be over to tell you what the truth is in a few minutes....

Is it just me, or did Hussein 57 get a free pass for his obviously sexist and denigrating comment? Can you imagine the nuclear blast had McCain done that?

But at least the reporter managed one small punch. Give a listen.

Why do I think we will get to hear this again.....in late October?

Global warming continued to provide a pandering opportunity for the politicians this week and John McCain seized the day. His so-called cap and trade, aka "send more money to people who hate us," may yet prove to be the straw that breaks his support.
Given that the alternative continues to be much worse and we might get McCain to change his mind, he still is the best choice.

But someone had better start whispering in his ear. In 1992 we had Perot. In 2008 we have Bob Barr.

In the meantime W landed a solid hit on Hussein 57 when he brought up the silliness of meeting with bad guys, and used a WWII example. Hussein 57 and his minions the press and Demos were immediately drawn to it like bugs to an outside light. At which point the Repubs just noted that Jimmy Carter was a better example, and that Hussein 57 is not the center of the universe, although he may think so.

Ah, but Hussein 57 is the center. Just ask him, sweetie.

Of more interest is the Demos attempts to claim that Hussein never said he would meet.

Good grief. Here's the video.

You gonna believe the Demos or your lying eyes, sweetie??

But proving again that Bush is capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, he flew down to SA and was told to stick our gasoline price problems up his, as Reagan said, "kister."

I have came to the conclusion that we should have let Saddam have SA. At least he was good enough of a crook to stay bought.

The Repubs have lost three special elections in a row. This week they lost one in northern Mississippi, just south of Memphis that featured help from Cheney and McCain and lots of money. I would guess that is worrying the party elders.

And it should. I have friends in north Mississippi, one of which I have a great deal of respect for his political observations. Which were:

The price of gas. The price of gas. The price of gas.