Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Call for 1-28-10

Ten cent cotton and twenty cent meat. How in the world can a poor man eat?

Shoe? You had two? Are you sure?

Yeah, this was in San Francisco!

That tickles!

Well, you got what you wanted.

Match made in heaven. One is full of wind. The other is looking for wind.

And the answer is??

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KSM to be tried outside New York

The White House ordered the Justice Department on Thursday night to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan.

The dramatic turnabout came hours after Mayor Bloomberg said he would "prefer that they did it elsewhere" and then spoke to Attorney General Eric Holder.

"It would be an inconvenience at the least, and probably that's too mild a word for people that live in the neighborhood and businesses in the neighborhood," Bloomberg told reporters.

"There are places that would be less expensive for the taxpayers and less disruptive for New York City."


Dear New York:

Look, I like you a lot, even if you did give Obamie a huge number of votes.

And I want to know that this has nothing to do with all the crooks and cheats on Wall Street that have gotten rich off our money.

It's just that, well, how can I say it......

How about, NIMBY?

He's your problem, not mine. Your newspaper, the New York Times and your Senator who became Obamie's SecState and your attitude in general wanted KSM out of GITMO.

Well, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Like in Obamie... you got what you wanted.

Now live with it or send KSM back to GITMO and a military tribunal.

Yours in the hope that you will see the light,

Poker Player

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Global warming forecasts wrong

ScienceDaily (Jan. 28, 2010) — A new estimate of the feedback between temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration has been derived from a comprehensive comparison of temperature and CO2 records spanning the past millennium.

The result, which is based on more than 200,000 individual comparisons, implies that the amplification of current global warming by carbon-cycle feedback will be significantly less than recent work has suggested.

In this week's Nature, David Frank and colleagues extend this empirical approach by comparing nine global-scale temperature reconstructions with CO2 data from three Antarctic ice cores over the period ad 1050-1800. The authors derive a likely range for the feedback strength of 1.7-21.4 p.p.m.v. CO2 per degree Celsius, with a median value of 7.7.

The researchers conclude that the recent estimates of 40 p.p.m.v. CO2 per degree Celsius can be excluded with 95% confidence, suggesting significantly less amplification of current warming.


Translation: "Our warming forecasts were wrong."

As if we didn't know that.

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