Monday, February 18, 2008

Unbelievers and what to do about them.

A classmate has sent me an email in which a person named Kathy Griffin made some outlandish comments and my classmate noted that she would not support/view, etc., events in which she appeared.

To be honest I had never heard of Kathy Griffin, but her comments piqued my interest on several levels, so I Googled her up and found this:

LOS ANGELES — Before Kathy Griffin won a creative arts Emmy last weekend for her reality show….

In her speech, Griffin said that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus." She went on to hold up her Emmy, make an off-color remark about Christ and proclaim, "This award is my god now!"

It always intrigues me when someone who obviously depends on the public for whatever successes that may enjoy does something any intelligent person would know would anger a large chunk of that public.

Now if you assume that Ms Griffin is not dumber than a door knob then you come to two conclusions.

A. She doesn’t care because you are wrong and she really is dumb.

B. She doesn’t care because she knows that such statements will actually help her career among those who watch her show.

I pick door “B.” Simply put there are a large number of people in this country who are ignorant as to what Christianity is all about, and what Christianity has accomplished. To them nasty comments about Christianity is proof of the commentators’ sophisticated view of the world and her disdain of the dummies who get up, go to work every day and try to maintain a small amount of decorum and respect in the world. Her fans are the rightful heirs to the “Barbarians at the Gate” that destroyed Rome and launched the world into the Dark Ages. Without them Ms. Griffin would not exist in her present state.

So I do not blame her, I place the blame on those who created and sustained her. The answer is just as my classmate said. Don’t watch. Don’t buy. Flip the channel. The marketplace is the answer.

As to her statements, someone should sit her down and explain to her that she can say such things because our country is unique in the world because our rights are God given, not by man. Without that belief then our rights are not protected, and depend on man rather than God. Such beliefs have universally proved to be founded on sand and wash away at the first sign of flood.

As to the correctness of her statements, time will give her a clearer understanding.

Source link to Fox News.

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Can you figure this out??

Delegates at a US-Islamic forum voiced support on Monday for US presidential hopeful Barack Obama,

Link to source.

Where else did they have to go?

Hillary is a female, so she's out.

McCain sang.. "Bomb bomb bomb... bomb bomb Iran...well, that kind of blows him out of the picture

And then we have the name... Barack Hussien Obama.

Who do you think would win?

Pope Algore continues to withhold

the blessings of his Global Warming and this morning is frosty despite my driving my truck an insane amount over the weekend. Perhaps the evil GW doubters have secretly found a way to thwart the effects of the nasty carbon dioxide.

More likely, of course, is that the sun continues on its natural cycle of reduced output. But don’t tell the UN officials in charge of wasting our money or the Weather Channel lady. The former have no idea of what is going on and the latter knows everything, but has no idea of what is causing it.

On the national front we are told that the Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbig Brzezinski did not visit Israel as advertised, but instead returned to the US. No reason is known, but some think he was recalled by Hussein when he decided that he should wait until he is President before asking Israel to surrender to Syria.

If so that was a wise move. Israel’s answer will most likely be unprintable. Now and then.

In news of no particular importance we find that the NBA’s team in Seattle is making news by threatening to move to Oklahoma City if the citizens don’t build them a suitable home. The citizens, to my surprise, are saying, “No, and have a nice trip.”

I say “to my surprise” because, when I lived there in the mid eighties, I found the locals to be tough, level headed hard working people. But in recent years it appeared that enough Californians had moved in to dilute the commonsense factor to a very low level. Perhaps the price reductions of $1,000,000 homes to $900,000 homes has seized their attention.

As to the good people of Oklahoma City, that hand you feel on your wallet has a basketball in the other.