Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why the Tea Party is growing

If you want to understand why the Tea Party is so attractive to millions, I give you two articles to read.

The first is a review of a play being performed at the NYC Public Theater. And, since it uses the word "Public" I'm betting that it gets money from the government.

The play being reviewed is "Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson." Presumably somewhat about our seventh President. In between sighs that it foretold Obama, we get this:

As the irresistible Mr. Walker plays him, Old Hickory is a petulant, impulsive outsider with a sulky charisma that makes members of his electorate say they want to have his baby. He’s a man so enamored of the ecstasy of his own pain that he and the woman he notoriously wooed and wedded, the already married Rachel (Maria Elena Ramirez), take to cutting themselves ritually as a bond of love.

Yeah. We are paying for this.

Then read this:

Budget cuts may cause thousands to lose rental vouchers.

Under Section 8, residents typically pay 30 percent of their income toward rent, and the voucher covers the balance. In New York City, about 102,000 families now have vouchers, which are administered by the authority and allow families to live in units where private landlords accept Section 8 benefits. An additional 178,000 or so families live in public housing complexes owned by the authority.

That's like 280,000 people. That's like half the size of the city of Denver.

You know, New York has long been too expensive for the average Joe to live. The same can be said of San Fran and LA and guess what. They had a net loss of population. I suspect the same is true of NYC. And I also suspect that those lost had jobs and paid taxes.

But in paying people to not move to lower cost areas and having lives based on what they could afford, the government has spent billions maintaining the status quo and transferring wealth from the tax payer to the slum lords. And look at this example:

Among the many families with newer vouchers in New York are Izolda Mandelblat, 77, and her husband, Moisey Frenkel, 85, who live in a one-bedroom apartment in Inwood, in Upper Manhattan. The couple, immigrants from Ukraine, had been on a Section 8 waiting list for 13 years. After their benefits finally started in November, the couple began to blossom, according to their granddaughter, Nera Lerner, 19.

That's a sad story. But the real story that should not be forgotten is this.

They should have never been there.

And I say again these two examples explain why the Tea Party is growing. Ordinary people are tired of junk plays being foisted on us as "art" paid for with public funds and welfare programs that don't solve problems that should never have existed.

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Paul Volker, don't let yourself be used

Tall Cotton to Paul Volker:

Paul, your actions during the Reagan administration to wring out inflation was sold as necessary. Having lived through that I can truthfully say that I don't know if they were necessary.

I do know that they extended the recession for months and months.

Now you want to extend this recession months and months by adding taxes.

Paul, as we grow older we all reach a point where our brains don't function well and we are apt to make poor decisions. Driver Licenses are pulled, medications are given by visiting nurses and we live more in the past than in the future.

Let me be gentle.

Paul, retire. And don't let yourself be used by the Left as a poster child for more taxes and a possible depression.

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