Monday, July 6, 2009

Will Palin sue?

The Dark Avenger, who though banned keeps returning, has opined in a comment to my previous post:

Actually, the case of Sullivan Vs. the New York Times states that there must be actual malice found before libel or slander against a public official may be found by a court.

Given the hostility so amply demonstrated by the Left I see no problem in demonstrating actual malice. Especially since as a private citizen she can claim a higher level of privacy than as Governor.

He then provides this:

On the Fourth of July, when Americans everywhere were celebrating our most sacred national holiday with parades and barbeques, Governor Sarah Palin was busy having me, Shannyn Moore, declared an Enemy of the State.

No. Palin’s lawyer’s letter threatening legal action appears to be based on his belief that Shannyn has slandered and/or libeled her. There is, as any of the people in Iran who are currently under arrest and waiting Obamie’s words of help, a vast difference between the two actions.

Shannyn’s claim demonstrates a lack of facts and control that she showed in her interview.

Van Flein's letter threatening legal action specifically pointed the finger at Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore as "most notably" claiming as "fact" that Palin resigned under federal investigation.

Van Flein, asked why he singled out Moore, said it's because she went on national television and talked about it. Moore was on with MSNBC's David Shuster on Friday, the day Palin said she will resign.

"There is a scandal rumor here that there is a criminal investigation into some activities and that's been rumored for about, I don't know, probably six weeks or two months," Moore told him.

Shannyn continues:

When Sarah Palin gave her three-weeks notice to the people of Alaska, aborting her term as Governor, a lot of people wondered why she quit. Mid-level managers turn-in their notice, not elected public officials. It didn't make sense. It still doesn't. People have been trying to guess why she really quit, and everyone in Alaska has been playing the guessing game. They're rumors. There are a lot of rumors. And with all the corruption we've had here in Alaska, of course we wonder what's really behind her resignation.

Governors don't just quit. But Governor Palin did.

Well, they could do like Clinton did. Promise to serve the full term, then use the first two years running for President, resigning after he won. I wonder which Shannyn would find the most ethical??

Yes dear chums, I believe that would be a rhetorical question.

We march onward.

Moore said she always characterized it as rumors and never claimed it was fact. She said she has no idea if Palin is under investigation for the construction of her house or anything else, but that the governor's resignation from office was so out of character it's raising questions about what's going on.

"I haven't defamed the governor, I reported on speculation and rumor in Alaska. ... It's not my rumor; it's been out there for 10 months and the First Amendment protects me," Moore said. "Even if I didn't say it's 'rumors and speculation,' I'm still protected -- I would just lose credibility, which I'm not willing to do."


I doubt if Shannyn will be sued so I have no idea as if she would win. But the fact of the matter is that the Left has used “it is rumored that…” “xxxx reports that it is rumored….” As a way to attack Palin. They started it with the false report that Palin’s son was actually her daughter’s, continued it with the “black Sambo” canard and the claim that she had banned books as a mayor, etc., etc.

It morphed into attack comments about her children that have continued almost unabated. I assume all of you are familiar with David Letterman’s very recent comments that her daughter would be “knocked up” by a well known Yankee ball player during the seventh inn stretch….

But back to Shannyn.

Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully. What kind of politician attacks an ordinary American on the Fourth of July for speaking her mind? What's wrong with her? The First Amendment was designed to protect people like me from the likes of people like her. Our American Revolution got rid of kings. And queens, too. Am I jacked-up? You betcha.

Sarah Palin, if you have a problem with me, then sue me. Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled!

How cute. Shannyn attacks the victim. And while she has every right to speak her mind, Palin has the right to sue.

But despite Shannyn’s willingness to go to the cross, Palin isn’t going to sue her.

This is all about sending a warning shot across the bow of those news organizations with money and resources. They are being told to do the investigative thing and quit being political lackeys for the Left by reporting on rumors and rumors of rumors.

That would be most welcome. As Shannyn said, we need no Queens.. or Kings… I look forward to her hard hitting article about Nancy Pelosi’s purchase of stock in Boone Pickens wind mill company.. Followed by an expose of Barney Frank’s relationship with an employee of Fannie Mae.


Braney Frank, Fannie Mae and Herb Moses

Pelosi and conflict of interest.

Why Palin resigned

Palin's lawyers have threatened to sue news outlets that publish false information that she is under Federal investigation.

As a private citizen she has a much greater expectation of privacy than she had as governor. Thus she can more effectively fight back at these Lame Stream Media outlets that utilize Left Wing blogger claims as their "sources."

You should also understand that in Alaska an ethics charge can be filed for the price of a postage stamp and the charge must be defended. Palin spent over $500,000 successfully defending 15 of these charges brought by the Left as a strategy to bring her down.

The Lefties should be congratulated. Politicians aren't stupid and they will now just quietly move to change the laws in Alaska and other states that allow such actions. In other words, the net results of the Lefties unethical behavior will be to remove a valuable citizen tool for keeping their political critters in line.

But then no cost to the country is too high for the Left if they think it will help them gain and keep power.