Wednesday, February 3, 2010

U.S. May Lose 824,000 Jobs

Feb. 3 (Bloomberg Multimedia) -- The U.S. may lose 824,000 jobs when the government releases its annual revision to employment data on Feb. 5, showing the labor market was in worse shape during the recession than known at the time.

Either Bloomberg Multimedia or I have been living in a different Universe. And I am pretty sure it isn't me.

I mean, at 10% we left the recession? Only in Obamie World.

I don't know whether to laugh, cry or puke.

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Denmark doesn't want to help.

The case against David Headley, the Pakistani-American charged with plotting to blow up the newspaper’s offices in Copenhagen, is currently ongoing in the US. Federal prosecutors have indicated they may seek the death penalty for Headley, if he is found guilty. He is also being charged in connection with the deadly bomb attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008.

American authorities will probably rely on PET for information – certainly that pertaining to the Jyllands-Posten part of the case, but also additional records of any phone calls or communication made to other people that the FBI believes have connections to terrorist organisations.

However, Denmark’s policy is that it does not extradite persons who may risk being sentenced to death, nor does it provide evidence to foreign authorities that may hand down a death sentence to a convicted criminal.

‘We naturally cannot offer legal help with a view to a death penalty being implemented,’ the Justice Ministry wrote in an email to Politiken.

Headley, who changed his name in 2006 from Daood Sayed Gilani, is charged with 12 terrorism-related counts in all – six of which could result in the death penalty.


Really no big surprise. Denmark, as does much of Europe, is on a clear path to be controled by an Islamic theocracy.

Hat Tip to TalkLeft.
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On Twitter I am Lesabre1