Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Night Dress Code

Where's Bluto?? Toga Party!

Hussein and the temple of lost elections

When it was first announced that Hussein would make his acceptance speech at Invesco Field, it was said that Hussein wanted everyone possible to be there and share the experience.

I just assumed that a stand would be built on the 50 yard line, equal distance from both sides. Hussein would perform "in the round" and everyone could see and here him.

Silly old me.

As can be seen, Hussein is having a Greek or Roman, I am unsure which, temple built on the 50 yard line, but backed up against the stands. This means that everyone behind and to the sides will not be able to see him. This problem will extend to about half of the end zone on both ends.

In other words, half of the 77,000 expected will have to use the big screen monitors.

That is 38,000 people will have went through the hassle of going only to have to watch it on "TV." If that was me I would be mad as hell, and I expect a few of the attendees will be.

And they have every right. They will have been used. How they react to being used is their business. I would tell Hussein to piss off and vote for McCain.

But then I'm an American. And the Americans I know don't like to be crapped on by politicans of any stripe.