Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama plays the "devil made me do it" card

Reversing weeks of White House resistance to the idea, President Barack Obama said Tuesday he’s open to creating a blue-ribbon panel to investigate Bush administration excesses during the war on terror.

“If and when there needs to be a fuller accounting of what took place during this period, I think for Congress to examine ways that it can be done in a bipartisan fashion, outside of the typical hearing process that can sometimes break down and break entirely along party lines, ... that would probably be a more sensible approach to take,” Obama said during an Oval Office press availability with King Abdullah of Jordan.

Boy, now that is a surprise! Wow!!!!!! Who would have thunk it? Great scott! Zounds! Can you believe it????

I bet the next thing he does is let himself be talked into no more drilling for oil, and a $5.00 tax on each gallon of gas!


A flyer we can believe in...........

Time to write something serious.

Report all “super-patriots,” “white nationalists,” and “common law proponents” to JTTF? Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department says “no.” Click to enlarge.

Link to Council of Conservative Citizens web page.

According to Terry Chapman of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office — whose name is on the flyer as the MCSO contact — the FBI created the flyer and printed the MCSO and Attorney’s Office before the text was approved. He said it was created as a full color brochure to hand out to officers, not for the general public — and that as soon as he saw it, he urged them not to use it, knowing it had some problems.

“The flyer never got off the ground,” said Officer Chapman, “but it did
manage to make it’s way out — and maybe it’s right that it did.” He genuinely
didn’t like this piece of junk, and he showed true concern about my issues with
the flyer, too. “We were not happy with it. It was formulated, I think, for
legitimate purposes, but it fell on stony ground because of the way it was worded
– the unfortunate profiles that were put in there outraged a number of people
who received it.”

And my favorite:

Notice the crossed hammers at the bottom left-wing corner. This is the symbol for the world famous rock-band Pink Floyd. Tens of thousands of people own t-shirts, posters, and stickers with this crossed hammer logo because they are fans of the band Pink Floyd. The flyer would instruct law enforce to identify these people as “potential” terrorists. Nice detective work FBI!!!!

Is this what comes of electing a Prez who promises change? Is this what he wants a "National Civilian Security Force that is just as large, just as well funded as the military" for?

Link to NCSF video.

(OK, the video is over the top. But a little paranoia tends to help keep the mind focused.)

Can you imagine if the Bush administration had said this? Or if Bush's head of HLS had said what Janet N said?? God, the Left would be demanding impeachment...

Yet the Lame Stream Media says nothing.

They have their "I'm a Lap Dog for Obama" down pat.

(Hat tip to govtSlave for the CoCCC web page.)

Dancing with Nancy!

Hat tip to Dean C