Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michigan is in the tank

and you need to do no more and read this to understand.

Detroit, Mich. - Michigan just experienced its coldest July on record; global temperatures haven't risen in more than a decade; Great Lakes water levels have resumed their 30-year cyclical rise (contrary to a decade of media scare stories that they were drying up due to global warming), and polls show that climate change doesn't even make a list of Michigan voters' top-ten concerns.

Yet in an interview with the Detroit News Monday, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.) - recently appointed to the Senate Energy Committee - made clear that fighting the climate crisis is her top priority.

"Climate change is very real," she confessed as she embraced cap and trade's massive tax increase on Michigan industry - at the same time claiming, against all the evidence, that it would not lead to an increase in manufacturing costs or energy prices. "Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I'm flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes."

This is an elected offical. A Democrat. It is obvious she knows absolutely nothing about what she is speaking of yet she is willing to just do the President's bidding.


Michigan, you are getting what you deserve. Too bad it also hurts us.

But if you think Michigan has a problem, read this comment from calny from NY, NY. (Either there or Gollywood.)

Cold weather can be caused by global warming and so can increased storm volitility.

I really don't know if I should laugh, cry or puke.

I'm not a Doctor but I played one to get on TV

Thank goodness for blogs.

Woman claims to be MD at Houston Town Hall.

Yelling at Congresscritters bad.

Lying to help a Democratic Congresswoman good.

Can you imagine the hoorah if she had been a Repub???

Hat tip to Buffy.