Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthers, Bread and Butter Pickles and global warming

Bits and pieces

August 1st. At 7:00am it was 66 degrees... Tell me about man made global warming....

"Bread and Butter" pickles done yesterday. But my tomatoes won't ripen, even though the vines are loaded with the late crop. And this is the mid south. And the high forecasted through next Friday is 88 degrees. So it's off to the farmer's market for tomatoes to can... The okra is producing, but at a reduced rate. In the mean time the butternut squash, a colder weather crop, is doing well.. but man does not live by squash alone........

And I am happy to announce that the pigs have not returned. (Yes, WR. I mean PIGS as in animals with snouts, four legs and curly tails!)

In Congress the Blue Dogs have rolled over on their back" and Nancy P has scratched their bellies.... All of you people who voted for them because they were more conservative than Bush should be as proud as a bartender who sells booze to a drunk... and then the drunk kills someone on his drive home..

Maybe they should form a club... Democrat Official Enablers.... DOE for short.

Looks like the "birthers" have finally got some reaction from the Left so you know the point is being made.

This time, the body politic has lost its head. Really. There can be no other explanation for the group outrage directed at anyone who dares to wonder why it is that Barack Hussein Obama refuses to release his long-form, original birth certificate from whatever Hawaiian vault it is in to settle the "natural born" controversy once and for all. And there can be no other explanation for why it is that no one in the media has ever seen fit to ask him why he hasn't done so. If he has nothing to hide, why hide it? Of course, if he does have something to hide, he may have put over a giant fraud on the American people.

There seem to be two basic motives. One, from the Left, is pure protection. The strategy here is to tar anyone with questions as "Birthers"--fruitcakes and weirdos, dontcha know. The Right, rather than disputing the Left's characterization of the skeptics, rather than acknowledging there is something fishy about a man with nothing to hide hiding so very much, accepts the Left's characterization without question. Not surprisingly, the Right then deems the issue a political liability -- all on the Left's terms.

Link to Diana West

The Repubs are stupid in many respects... They remind me that Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

I knew the Prez election was over when McCain started telling us we couldn't call Hussein, Hussein. It took me a while but I finally figured out that his military experience was Vietnam... a war in which the enemy told us what we couldn't do.

You never win those battles.

Of course the one thing I can not understand is this. All Obamie has to do is produce his birth certificate from the vault... the original long form... and he has made a bunch of Righties look stupid. I don't believe he could pass up a chance like that if he could do it.

6:00PM on August 1 and the temperature is 76 degrees. Tell me about that man made global warming...