Sunday, October 4, 2009

After watching Lance Kiffin

call offensive plays for UT, I must admit that he shows flashes of shear stupidity.

I reference the last offensive series in the UCLA game and the first offensive series in the Auburn game.

For all you Travis McGee fans...

Here's another bestselling novel featuring P.I. Travis McGee. According to Publishers Weekly, 20th Century Fox, "with an outlay of six figures, has cleared the way for Ruben/Robinson Productions to launch their own Travis McGee series." And according to Larry King's USA Today column, Harrison Ford has said, "I am interested in doing Travis McGee, the great detective character. Previously published.

Outside of the fact that McGee is a Knight Errant, not a P.I., I can only hope this is true.


Bubba Talks

everything you ever needed to know about the important things in life are covered in this book by Dan Jenkins.

For example:

On Life

He know's its a better deal for Americans than anybody else, of course. That's because your American has things to be interested in - football, cheeseburgers, adultery, pantyhose commercials - which keep him from wanting to make trouble like your foreigners do.

It's Bubba's guess that your trouble-making foreigners would enjoy life more if they didn't have to argue all the time about Budda or Mohammed or whether Jesus went to heights or Poly.

You know, I think he has a point there. I have long believed that people riot during soccer games because they have become bored beyond belief.

And I always thought that we would eventually conquer the world because of our inventing skin tight blue jeans, sex and rock and roll. Worked for beating those pesky Ruskies, but the radical Muslims flipped the deal on us by claiming that their suicide bombers Get the Girls... 72 of them and all virgins.