Sunday, January 25, 2009

AP Headline - Top Chefs Push Obama to Improve Food Policy

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''He's the kind of diner who wants to taste all sorts of things,'' Bayless says. ''What I'm hoping is that he's going to recognize that we need to do what we can in our country to encourage real food for everyone.''

Phrases like ''real food'' and ''farm-to-table'' may sound like elitist jargon tossed around at upscale restaurants. But the country's top chefs, several of whom traveled to Washington for Obama's inauguration this week, hope that Obama's flair for good food will encourage people to expand their horizons when it comes to what they eat.

These chefs tout locally grown, environmentally friendly and -- most importantly -- nutritious food. They urge diners, even those who may never be able to afford to eat at their restaurants, to grow their own vegetables, shop at farmer's markets and pay attention to where their food comes from.

And here I thought he was busy saving the economy and setting terrorists free...

Oh, and is "Biggie size that" environmentally friendly?"

Is there no end to the BS surrounding this guy?


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