Friday, October 3, 2008

The game is crooked....

I am not paranoid. Really, I'm not.

But if you wanted to elect Hussein, the best way is to make Bush, and by party association, McCain look bad.

First you torch the economy by driving up the price of oil.

When the economy starts to tank who gets hit first? Those on the margins. Those with the subprime loans....which about four months ago it was announced that problem was solved. But now the defaults really mount and Fannie Mae and Mac claim they are failing.

With the crisis comes demands for bailouts.... a bill is introduced and is then not passed in the House. Even though 95 Demos don't vote for it, the Repubs are blamed by the press... The market plunges to its biggest ever one day point loss and then goes up and down as a new bill is written.... and with the market up 288 points when the House passes it, it falls 445 points to close at 157...

Chums, something isn't right here.

I am known as Poker Player on some sites and have played a few hands in my day. And if I was in a game with so many odd things happening I would immediately know the game was crooked and leave.