Wednesday, January 9, 2008

mayorblair, this post's for you..

Here is your, or anyone else, chance to tell us all why Hillary would make a great Pres... I mean she doesn't even smoke cigars... (okay, cheap shot)..

But, based on the market results lately if she could show me how to make a quick $100,000 in the cattle futures market I might reconsider......

If I hear, read or see one more

analysis of Hillary tearing up, crying or whatever, I think I will sell out and move to outback Australia....

First of all I have seen real sure enough tough guys shed a tear. True it was for something more difficult than running for President, like remembering a dead friend, but I have seen'em do it.

Secondly, when you make fun of her all you do is make most, if not all, women angry. That's dumb on several levels.

First, you should remember that you don't get what you want from anyone by making them mad. That goes double for women.... who have always known what you want anyway.

Secondly, if you do prove that such acts make her unworthy of being President, all you have done is create another B. Hussein Obama voter. And, as I have noted before, Hillary would be a huge problem. Hussein Obama would be a disaster of gigantic proportions.

If you doubt my conjectures on this, remember that you are dealing with the Left who think doing something dangerous is standing up in a meeting and dissing Bush.

After all, they'll tell you that he has suspended the Constitution, hasn't he?? The elections in NH didn't happen, right??