Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hussein and friend (er "ex" friend)

Ya gotta love it.

Taken to task

A lady from Toronto, you can read her comments below, has justly chastised me for not noting the contributions of the Canadians in WWII. I also left out Australia, New Zealand, India and some other Commonwealth countries.
And, with the exception of India and Egypt they have also been staunch allies during the cold war. I also noted the help of some countries in the current battles.
I apologize for my omissions. In my defense I note that a reading of my post should reveal they are directed at the “non-western world” in general, and more specifically old Europe.

Never the less I feel the need to point out they weren’t directed at “friends,” especially those who are in such agreement about Kennedy, Carter and the current crop of Left Wing democrats making such spectacles of themselves.

Claudia in Toronto said...

“You can say: "Nuts" to my opinion on how you should vote but I'm very concerned, Sir.

First, let me remind you that USA didn't win the 39-45 War alone. My brother was there with his Canadian Regiment on the Normandy Beach. So were the British. They were grateful you came. You waited long enough and you could not have done it alone.

Let me remind you also that you have done a few political mistakes on your own without any of the world's advice. You elected JFK for his charisma. He nearly drove your country and the world to a nuclear disaster. I lived in Houston at the time. I wasn't sure if we would make it back home alive. You elected Jimmy Carter who was (still is) an incredibly naive doer and counsellor in the Middle East. You elected Bill Clinton who allowed 9/11 to be organised right under his eyes. Your country is allowing an impeached President to push his wife to the White House for "his" third term. The other Democratic candidate has strong Muslim connectations that are hardly mentioned in your media. Those two "possible next presidents" talk everyday about stopping IMMEDIATELY the Iraq War when I know that Iran will jump on Iraq as soon as the Americans leave.The Middle east will then become a boiling inferno.

You don't want my advise? I cannot vote in your elections but I'm scared to death about what you will do. You've done mistakes before. I live right next door. I'm scared to death, Sir. Maybe the American people should listen to what I have to say. You have been blinded enough in the past. I am a friend, not your enemy.”

I can only urge you to find a video camera, someone to work it and send in your comments. But remember that the blog in question is looking for negative comments, so it is doubtful they will post your comments.
BTW – My use of “Nuts!!!” refers to the American Commander at Bastonge’s reply to the German’s demand that he surrender. Given that he was completely surrounded, greatly outnumbered and running low on food and ammo it was a remarkable reply.
Many historians speculate that if the Germans had won the battle they could have punched through to the sea, with the end result being a war ending in negotiations rather than surrender.

How to vote, according to the world.

Over on do sub there is a new link up by link tv
that wants to know who the world wants us to vote for. The vehicle for this is the web site and people are urged to send videos.

It is very nice and sweet. You can just see the PC dripping off it. Well, since they brought the subject up, let's talk.

Dear World:

First and foremost, I want you to know that I don't care who you want me to vote for.


Well, we could go back to the late thirties when you folks had a chance to read Hitler's book, and didn't. Chamberlain blathered "Peace in our time!" and millions died. You stood around and let a dictator take over and did nothing while Germany started a war that killed six million Jews. That's right boys and girls. Six million Jews and millions of others.

And so we had to come in and help England and the USSR destroy that piece of evil.

And then we stuck around to prevent the USSR from taking over, fighting a Cold War that cost us billions and thousands of lives. Well, we won that.

Oh, did I mention the Marshall Plan? No? Berlin Airlift? Well heck, why bring up old news, eh??

Everything looked peachy. Well, except for those terrorists that kept attacking Americans and Jews... Hmmm... Attacking Jews. Now that does sound familiar. So what did you do? Nothing. Oh some politicians blathered, but that was it. Of course there is no hatred of Jews left in Europe. Just those Zionist. Right? Oh. Sorry if I keep giggling at your answers.

And then 9/11/01 happened. And you shed tears. And we thought you finally understood that evil cannot be tolerated. But when we went to destroy that evil you started blathering again... Oh a few countries helped, and I appreciate them, but by and large you were too busy planning holidays to fight.

But you weren't too busy to demonstrate against us, sending a message to the terrorists that the West was not united. You weren't too busy to spew a continual stream of criticism. Just too busy to help.

And you know what? You've been too busy for years. Living under our protection, rebuilt with our money you have become even softer and more noodle headed than you were prior to WWII. You have mostly lost your Christian faith and since you can't even replace your existing population you've invited in so many Muslims that the demographics say that you will be an Islamic state in 40 years or so.

So you've lost your war, and are in the process of losing your culture, your religion and your country.

And you think we care what you think? You had your chance to help us and you didn't.

So, don't be fooled by the noodle heads of Link TV. The Americans who count look at such things and remember Bastonge and just say to you.