Saturday, October 10, 2009

Universal Military Service - Time to win the War on Terror

Obama dithers and the Left claims that our military is worn out. In the meantime the death toll in Afghanistan rises and will continue to rise as the attacks increase in number. If you wonder why this is so it is because Obama’s dithering gives them a scent of victory. He has become the number one morale booster for the radical Muslims.

Think Jane Fonda, John Kerry and others as described in this link on how we lost the war in Vietnam and got thousands of US military, and millions of civilians in SE Asia, killed.


The basic reason was as described above. We gave the enemy enough hope to keep on fighting while the fellow travelers, and other trash, convinced the country to surrender.

As the saying goes, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. And while seeing Obama and the surrender monkeys removed from power as soon as possible is at the top of my wish list, just below winning the Lottery, I know that will not, by itself, be enough to convince the world that we are serious.

So as soon as possible after thoughts of Obama and his minions join waterboarding as something to produce the gag reflex in the national psyche, I think we should pull up a chair and decide that if we are to protect ourselves from the outrages of the world we need to herd all the surrender monkeys into reservations…. I think we have a lot of public lands called “The Bad Lands,” and get on with it. (Just kidding dear Lefties, I want you working for Uncle Sam, not shoveling shit in South Dakota to paraphrase Patton.)

In short, come to an understanding that everyone needs to get some skin in the game.

And if we decide western civilization and America is not worth fighting for let’s have mandatory classes in Sharia Law, remove all females from all schools, and have them fitted for a burka. I mean let’s don’t goof around.

I think this is the time for Universal Military Service to be enacted. Time to establish a military with enough resources that a President can find 40,000 troops when we need them.

Starting immediately, all citizens will be drafted for two years service. UMSeees will receive normal training in the branch that needs them in the specialty needed. At the end of their training period they will be sent to the location where they are needed.

The draft will occur when the person turns 18 but is younger than 19.

Deferments will be provided for those in high school. Upon graduation or when the person otherwise leaves high school, the person will be drafted. There will be no exceptions except for serious medical problems. Prior acceptance into a college does not count as being in college.

Deferments will be provided for those in college or other formal training at the time of this law's enactment. Upon graduation or when the person otherwise leaves school, the person will be drafted. Extended deferments for graduate school studies will be for those in medical or hard science programs only.

Because of training length and other specialty requirements, some slots will be reserved for those who volunteer for four years or longer.

All training will be in the military arts. No emptying bed pans, no midnight basketball…

Upon completion of active service they will remain in the active reserves, attending one weekend per month in training and two weeks per year for 6 years.

At the end of 6 years they will remain in the active reserve for an additional two years, attending one two weeks training per year.

At the end of these two years they will remain in the inactive reserve for a period of 4 years.

Those who volunteered for service will have their reserve time cut from 6 to 3 and 4 to zero, at their discretion.

Anyone who leaves the country to escape the draft will be stripped of their citizenship and if captured and convicted will serve 10 years in prison. If this is done during a time of active hostilities, the penalty will be death.

It is noted that there will be a gap of about two years in student enrollment as freshmen. It is expected that the colleges can use this time for studies and improvements. It may be that some professors will find themselves unemployed. I suggest that we provide job training and extended unemployment insurance to help these professors through this difficult time. The Poly Sci group seem well suited to learn how to say, “Biggie size that?”

I also suggest that the colleges work diligently to provide classes for the UMSeees during their off duty hours, and that the colleges develop a fair transfer of credits between schools.

If you fall within these guidelines, or if you have children that do I am sure you will be eager to prove that you are capable of being trained and that you stand ready to defend the country.

Two years may seem like a long time, but it will be gone in a heartbeat. You will emerge from this patriotic service mature, confident and with a focus on what you want to do with your life that most current 18 to 20 year olds do not possess.

In return for that service, a grateful nation will pay for your college tuition for any two of the next four years to the maximum of what your current state university charges as of 10/9/09.

Good luck!

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