Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Words to remember

From time to time I will flip through the diaries of George Orwell. He was, in case some of you may not know, the author of 1984 and Animal Farm among others.

I find this interesting. England, at that time, was engaged in a life and death struggle with Nazism. It is now engaged in one with radical Islam.

By orwelldiaries
From a letter from Lady Oxford[1] to the Daily Telegraph, on the subject of war economies:

“Since most London houses are deserted there is little entertaining…in any case, most people have to part with their cooks and live in hotels.”

Apparently, nothing will ever teach these people that the other 99% of the population exist.

[1] Margot Asquith (1864-1945) was the widow of Herbert Henry Asquith, Earl of Oxford and Asquith, who was Prime Minister, 1906-16. Peter Davison


This reminds me very much of the New Money Left and their absolute belief that they exist in a special world in which they do not have to follow the same rules as the rest of us.

After all, Orwell wrote, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."

A very wise man.


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Another dumb argument as to why Israel should kill itself

Dark Avenger has wandered back with a comment that deserves answering. Not that he wrote it, mind you, but he does provide it.

Dark Avenger said...
Like that notorious Socialist, Pat Buchanan?:

That bloody debacle in the Eastern Mediterranean last Sunday was an inevitable result of Israel doing what it always seems to do: going beyond what is essential to her security, to impose collective punishment upon any and all it regards as hostile to Israel.

Israel claims, and film confirms, that its commandos rappelling down onto the Turkish ship were attacked with sticks and metal rods. One was tossed off a deck, another tossed overboard into a lifeboat.

But that 2 a.m. boarding of an unarmed ship with an unarmed crew, carrying no munitions or weapons, 65 miles at sea, was an act of piracy. What the Israeli commandos got is what any armed hijacker should expect who tries to steal a car from a driver who keeps a tire iron under the front seat.

And the response of these highly trained naval commandos to the resistance they encountered? They shot and killed nine passengers, and wounded many more.

But we have a blockade of Gaza, say the Israelis, and this flotilla was a provocation. Indeed, it was. And Selma was a provocation. The marchers at Edmund Pettus Bridge were disobeying orders of the governor of Alabama and state police not to march.

Yet, today, liberal Democrats who regard Martin Luther King as a moral hero for championing nonviolent civil disobedience to protest injustice are cheering not the unarmed passengers trying to break the Gaza blockade, but the Israelis enforcing the blockade.

Where were these fellows when "Bull" Connor really needed them?

Comes the retort: Israel is a friend and ally, and we stand with our friends.

But is not Turkey a friend and ally of 50 years, whose soldiers died alongside ours in Korea and who accepted Jupiter missiles targeted on Russia, even before the Cuban missile crisis? Was it not Turkey whose citizens were wounded and killed in the bloody debacle?

Why are we not at least even-handed between our friends?


What happened was the result of a weak President signaling to our enemies that he will do nothing.

Can anyone imagine Turkey doing what they did if any President between Carter and Hussein was in office????

Of course not. Weakness is always a signal for the jackals and hyenas to attack.

So the radicals found some “useful idiots,” as Lenin is reputed to have described such people, and launched them in a way that was sure to get them injured and killed.

Hussein and the radical Muslims share equal blame. One by the sin of omission and one by the sin of commission. But both sins.

As to the so-called legal argument about “piracy,” that is pure BS. The intentions of the ship was known and Israel was talking reasonable measures to defend itself.

As to the idiotic attempt to connect the American civil rights movement and this we have more nonsense. The one and only reason Israel has the blockade up is that Hamas and other groups are sending suicide bombers and launching rockets. When that stops the blockade will stop.

This could have been over when Clinton got the Muslim Palestinians at least 90% of what they demanded. But, in typical and usual Muslim negotiation style, they assumed they could have the remaining 10% by demanding it and finding fools who will kill themselves to satisfy the hatred of others,

The bottom line is simple. As demonstrated by Helen Thomas…. With many Lefties…. Wipe away the disguise and you will find a Jew hater.

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Jews and Illegal Aliens

Did you ever notice that the same people who want to make the Jews go back to Germany and Poland.......

Want us to let in millions of illegal aliens, most from Mexico and other Central America countries?

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