Sunday, March 30, 2008

In case you missed it.

Fitna the movie.

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More on Hillary's heroism

"Anyhow, I corkscrewed the C-47 down from eight miles high to evade the sniper ground fire. If anybody who has ever been on a snipe hunt, you know how difficult that can be.
I made a perfect four-point landing. The crew called me "Slick." I thought it was nice to be compared to that singer from The Jefferson Airplane."

This is one of the best descriptions of Hillary's military expertise. Her description on how she got the venerablle C47 down is of no interest. Anyone can do that.

I just want to know how she got it 8 miles up.

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You think??

This is the latest reverberation from the continuing decline in revenues and circulation of major print publications around the world—most of it attributable to the impact of the Internet. Newsweek is the third major news organization to offer buyouts to scores of staffers this year,

No. I don't. I think the problem is content that is determinedly leftist and always finds America to be in the wrong.

People have grown tired of such nonsense and have just quit spending money to have their beliefs insulted by poorly written attack pieces, excuses for illegal aliens, and any other thing they can use."

LA Times


Believe it or not.

"For years, I've been complaining (including in New York Post columns) about the absurd outreach by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan to extremist Muslims in the Detroit area. As I've repeatedly noted, a monthly "BRIDGES" group meeting hosted by FBI award revokee and "former" Islamic terrorist, Imad Hamad, and U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a "Abu Porno," consisted of extremist Muslim leaders bitching and federal officials pandering to them, apologizing for their agents and prosecutors trying to doing their jobs against Muslim terrorists and other criminals.

Now, we see the fruits of this absurd "outreach." The entire U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan has recused itself from the case against Iraqi spy Muthanna Al-Hanooti, indicted on Wednesday. The case must be tried by lawyers from Washington, who will have to fly in, eat out at nice restaurants, and stay at nice hotels . . . courtesy of the taxpayers."

Evidently Bush didn't fire enough AG's. Of course it still isn't too late.

As a person who believes that he who

dies with the most toys wins, I have never been able to understand such things as why we can't find the cultural sohourners - aka illegal aliens - in the US.

Here we have some examples.

Well said.

This says at all.

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Years ago

...actually more than years ago.... we were graced by a new Navigator on the crew. He was a nice guy, presented himself well and was generally liked by the crew. And, as a navigator he did a passable job of getting us from point a to b.

There was just one problem. One bump and he was air sick. He soon became known for keeping a well used barf bag by his side. And there is nothing quite like the smell, and the sounds, of someone puking away a few feet from you. I can tell you honestly that I have never been airsick, or puked, in an aircraft, but on some of the flights he was with us I came close.

Part of the job of the navigator was to do plots using input from various pieces of equipment that would guide us to an area in which we would do Mad Traps.

Now a Mad Trap is done by trading altitude for airspeed, and coming across a certain spot at say, 50' above the water, then pulling the nose up trading airspeed for altitude while making a hard turn, come back across, but slightly ahead, the same location again trading altitude for airspeed, etc. This was called doing cloverleafs, and if successful you could pinpoint the location of the submarine. But it was tough hard work and could lead to such things as stalling the aircraft at such a low altitude that the results usually were fatal.

On this one particular exercise we were enjoying a fair degree of success when the sub gave us the slip. At that point the Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) said:

"Navigator, give me a heading to come back across where he was."

To which the reply was: "I don't know, sir."

I will leave the PPC's comment for history. Let's just say it was:

"Why in the &&^*))(*(*( not?"

The answer was: "I've been sick, sir."

That was his last flight with us.

And now you know why I have been "lost" for the past two days.

I hope that you stick around longer than the Navigator.