Monday, December 15, 2008

Civil War and Big Three Bailouts....

I can't remember who sent me this or where I got it or when.

But after watching the idiots from the north attack the South over the partisan politics of last Thursday night I think this says it all.

There is no way

One morning, three Southerners and three Yankees were in a ticket counter line at a train station. The three Northerners each bought a ticket and watched as the three Southerners bought just one ticket.

"How are the three of you going to travel on only one ticket?" asked one of the Yankees.

"Watch and learn," answered one of the boys from the South.

All six boarded the train where the three Yankees sat down, but the three Southerners crammed into a toilet together and closed the door.

Shortly after the train departed, the conductor came around to collect tickets. He knocked on the toilet door and said, "Ticket, please."

The door opened just a crack and a single arm emerged with a ticket in hand. The conductor took it and moved on.

The Yankees saw this happen and agreed it was quite a clever idea. Indeed, so clever they decided to do the same thing on the return trip and save some money.

That afternoon when they got back to the station, they bought a single ticket for the return trip and watched, while to their astonishment, the three Southerners didn't buy even one ticket.

"How are you going to travel without a ticket?" asked a perplexed Yankee.

"Watch and learn," answered the three Southern boys in unison.

When they boarded the train, the three Northerners crammed themselves into a toilet and the three Southerners crammed into another toilet just down the way. Shortly after the train began to move, one of the Southerners left their toilet and walked over to the toilet in which the Yankees were hiding. The Southerner knocked on the door and said, "Ticket, please."

There's just no way on God's green earth to explain how the Yankees ever won the war.

What I found to be extremely disgusting was watching the press failing to mention that there were enough Demos who voted against it to have passed it if they really "cared."

And could we please knock of all the BS about loaded labor costs??

Just tell me how many actual US dollars are being paid, what the fringe benefits are and I can figure out who has the best deal.

Does that mean I am against "bailing" them out? No. I am just against being lied to and having people tell me I am supposed to pay them "X" amount. Maybe a southern transplant living in Detroit city and working for a legacy car maker is worth more than a southern good old boy working for a transplant car maker in Alabama, but if you want my money you better start showing me why.

Does the above mean I want the corporations to go into Chapter 11? No, because that would destroy a lot of pensions that are being paid, said pensions having been earned based on a prior agreement.

Us Southern boys believe that keeping your word is a requirement in having that "manly feeling" all those Gollywood types seem to want to project.

What they could do is say at age 65 you go on Medicare like the rest of the world.

And did I mention that a warranty claim against a Chapter 11 company is often called an "unsecured claim?" (Plainer. You ain't gonna get nuttin'.)

So there are a lot of ifs and buts going on here, but, as usual the Lefties want to pretend they are smarter than God and are just so sensitive that most of us either want them to just shut up or go away or both.