Thursday, February 28, 2008

Computers and names

I am pleased to note that I have a new computer. A brand new fancy Toshiba Satellite P205D with Vista… About which I have much to learn. A friend grouched that Microsoft took the worst of Windows and the worst of Apple and made Vista… I will not complain at this time, but reserve the right to do so at a later time. I am sure Bill and his happy crew are anxiously waiting for my comments.

In the meantime John McCain continues in his efforts to solidify his base among the Left and the MSM with his abject apologies that a Right Wing Talk Show Host repeated Barack Hussein Obama several times while he was warming up the Senator’s audience.

Look folks. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. If he is concerned that Hussein reminds us of a Muslim dictator who raped, tortured, gassed and used WMD’s, then Hussein should get himself down to the Cook County Courthouse and change it to something more American. Like say, Jimmy Carter Obama…..

In the mean time McCain should quit being so fast to attack those who are trying to be his friend and start watching his back around Blitzer, et al. That is if he truly wants to be President.

What we have here is an attempt by the MSM to frame the discussion. Next thing we will find is that noting that Hussein has proposed nothing except change is beyond the pale and must not be noted.