Friday, March 28, 2008

He he

Not that I care...

Angered that Pelosi wants Democratic insiders to follow the will of voters when they cast their own "superdelegate" votes in the nomination race, 20 of Clinton's top fund-raisers issued a veiled threat to Pelosi and warned her to change her tune. .....

Sources said Pelosi was infuriated by the implied threat the donors would quit giving cash to the committee.

The House speaker was not backing down, however, and is still insisting that superdelegates respect "the decisions of millions of Americans who have voted," her aide Brendan Daly said.

If the reporter or Pelosi think that is an "implied" threat then they need some improvement in their communication skills. Pelosi, who is arguably the worst Speaker of the House in its history, doesn't understand the concept of Superdelegates. They are supposedly "Independent." If they aren't, why have them?


Worse, Senator Nelson of FL has opined:

"My fight has been based on the principle that in America every citizen has an equal right to vote," he said. "It is based on a belief that we all deserve a say in picking our presidential nominees."

Evidently Nelson has never heard of the Republician Party and how they do it. Instead, he decides the Constitution should be turned on its ear, all because the Demos are too dumb to fix their problems. And their problems are simple.

Having made the rules they don't want to enforce them. For a party that is full of members who "voted for the war before I voted against" that is really not a shock.
Having excluded FL and MI they now don't have the nerve to make it stick.

If they can't run themselves, how can they run the country?