Friday, January 2, 2009

X Rated Comment re Gays

I don't remember who sent this over, and although it is on the X side, it is also funny....and true.

Happy Birthday Fidel's Cuba

Under the "Nothing else needs to be said" heading we have this from William Katz at UrgentAgenda.

DIDN'T THEY INVITE CYNTHIA McKINNEY? - AT 7:48 A.M. ET: From AFP: Communist Cuba marked the 50th anniversary of its Revolution Thursday faced with an uncertain future, its iconic, ailing leader Fidel Castro withdrawn from power and the economy in dire straits.

COMMENT: If you want some laughs today, just read the tributes from every wacky leftist in the world. This is their day - 50 years of oppression and poverty. What could be better?

And AP added thus.

During his decades in power, Fidel Castro expropriated foreign companies, jailed political enemies and drove well over a million Cubans into exile.

But he also introduced historic reforms, including major education and health care access advances

And Hitler loved his dog. The depth of AP's comments have come to equal that of the Platte River which is often said to be, "Too thick to drink and too thin to plow.