Monday, June 9, 2008

And this guy is an "economist?"

The costs of the tax cuts "vastly outweigh any benefits," economist Josh Bivens said. "The only benefit from the tax cuts is increased disposable income. I think they have had negative impacts on growth, the deficit and equity."

Now let me see.... Where do people get money to save? Disposable income. Where do people starting companies get money? Why from banks and stocks. Where did the money saved in banks and stocks come from? Disposable income saved by people.......

Equity in what??? Stock ownership? See above. Home ownership? Where do people get the money to save to buy a home... Disposable income....

Deficit? We have had record tax collections driven by all the good things people have done with their disposable income. If we have a deficit problem is a "spending problem" not a revenue problem.


Speaking of a cold year


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buenos Aires hadn't seen snowfall for 89 years.
Image: SpookyLittleGirl.Yesterday, amid the celebration of the Argentinian Independence Day, snow and sleet surprised many in the greater area of Buenos Aires and other parts of Argentina. It was the first snowfall there since June 22, 1918. The National Weather Service even doubted to announce the predicted snowfall, because it is a phenomenon that occurs only about every hundred years.

"It's the first time that sleet falls here since the sixties, and it hasn't snowed since 1918 –I wasn't even born yet," said Diana Morinelli, a resident of the Olivos locality.

Global Cooling or Global Warming?

Didn't see this in the MSM in the US. I wonder why?

I didn't see this in the US press, but it is as biased as the BBC, so no surprise there.

"Globally, 2008 significantly cooler than last year", "Global temperatures dive in May". Not a word about this on the BBC, although they summarised two items on the Watts Up With That website run by the US meteorologist Anthony Watts, reporting the latest data from Dr Roy Spencer, formerly head of climate studies for Nasa.

Based on satellite and balloon temperature readings taken at various levels up to 135,000ft, the first item showed that global temperatures in the first months of 2008 were on average between 0.4 and 0.5 degrees Celsius lower than they were at the same time in 2007. The second said that temperatures in May again fell sharply, by nearly 0.2 of a degree, bringing the drop since January 2007 to 0.77 degrees.

In other words, in just 16 months we have seen global cooling greater than the 0.7 degrees net warming recorded by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for the whole of the 20th century. Yet it was on this figure more than anything else that the whole warmist theory has been based. Those IPCC computer models never predicted anything like this recent drop in temperatures.

We can be sure that if the data showed a jump of that magnitude in warming rather than cooling, it would have been top of the BBC news. But it no more earned a mention than the truly unimaginable costs envisaged in the "carbon reduction" bill put before the US Senate last week.

That's a huge change. 1 degree C equals 1.8 degrees F, so a .77C drop is about a 1.4 degree change in Fahrenheit for those in the US.

Shame on all of you French baiters.

Now we know why they couldn't help us in Iraq.

Most of France's tanks, helicopters and jet fighters are unusable and its defence apparatus is on the verge of "falling apart", it has emerged.

That is probably the reason they let the Muslims riot and burn last summer.

Hat tip to the BrusselsJournal

Hussein's Minions and Palestine

It was a friend that first noted that if you scratch a Leftie you will find a person who supports the Jews but is opposed to Israel.....

Kind of like claiming to being opposed to the war but supporting the troops. But I won't go into a logic discussion here. First it would be wasted on any Leftie who read it and secondly it would be wasted on any Leftie who read it. But I digress.

However, you would think that you wouldn't find such things as the following on the website of a man who wants to be President of All The People.

The Israel Lobby has become a major perpetrator of the fear orientation in politics that the NSP (Network of Spiritual Progressives) believes to be at the heart of many of the problems facing the world. The Israel Lobby sees threats everywhere, and hope nowhere except in Israel retaining military superiority and using American weapons to bolster its capacity to resist reasonable demands for a Palestinian state and for resisting negotiations leading to peace with its neighbors


The author of the above is "IA Delegate." I find it interesting and doubly damning that we have such an article on Hussein's website that is unsigned, but not unusual if you search through some of the anti-Semitic sites on the web.

And some of the other posts/comments are not as restrained.

It was reported a few days ago BUT not with the update that it was known ONE MONTH AGO that HRC was taking this Jewish blood money and using it to fund her campaign, and is still.



What I can't figure out is why any Jew would get within a million miles of Hussein. I mean I understand that in the past they were discriminated against by some Christians, but that's the past. Hussein claims to be the "future." If I were Jewish that would bother me. A lot.

Monday Morning

How about a little music out there this morning? Start everything off nice and smooth.

Sing along if you like!"