Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why does the media lie??

The NYT lies again.

WASHINGTON — Negotiations over a broad deficit reduction plan collapsed in acrimony on Friday after House Speaker John A. Boehner suddenly broke off talks with President Barack Obama, raising the risk of an economy-shaking default.


A visibly angry President Obama, in a hastily scheduled White House news conference, demanded that Congressional leaders come to the White House on Saturday morning.

“I want them here at 11 a.m. tomorrow,” Mr. Obama said. “They are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid default.”


There are three things wrong with this article.

First, Congress is an equal member of Government. Boehner is an equal. This is not a bannana republic. Well, not yet, anwyway. Boehner doesn't have to "show up" and he doesn't have to explain a damn thing to our man child Prez.

Secondly, Obamie, our man child Prez, has never presented a plan to do anything. It would be helpful if he did, but then he couldn't lie and change his mind every 10 minutes.

Thirdly, if we do not extend the debt ceiling, we will not be in default.

Our current revenue per month is around $200 billion. Our debt service (loan payments) is around $20 billion. We can easily pay that.

Think of it like this. Your credit card has a limit of $10,000. You will exceed that amount after 8/2. You don't ask for a credit line increase but you pay the bill from the credit card company. You are not in default.

What we will have to do is decide what we will spend the leftover money on.

You know. A BUDGET. Wow. What a concept!

Perhaps we should consider firing everyone in the EPA, close down education and energy, stop all foreign aid, freeze hiring, cut all salaries 15% and bring all military people home from places like Germany, S Korea, Kosovo... everywhere we are not in combat.

When we have done that we can talk about what else needs to be cut.

No charge for the education, dear Lefties.

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