Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have got what I wanted.

I hope I will want what I have got.

Based on McCain's speech to CPAC members today I think I will, and I think the country will.

Here is a link to McCain's speech as printed on Powerline.

Am I smarter than the pundits??

Nope, don't think so. But when I read things like this from the NYTimes, I wonder.

But one of the most intriguing finding in the surveys of voters leaving the polls across the nation on Tuesday was when they arrived at their final decision.....when there was a sense that he was creating a movement that cut across racial and generational lines, there was a steady movement of Democrats toward Mr. Obama, the survey suggested. But those who reported making their decision on the last day bucked the trend, tending to vote for Mrs. Clinton, of New York.

Loooking back, I always understood that people who delay a decision are usually confused, weighing many factors. Unable to reach a decision they will almost always go with what they were previously comfortable with. In sales this meant that if you were the incumbent supplier you would push for a quick decision. If you were trying to unseat the incumbent you wanted to string things out. Let the customer get comfortable with you and your company.

Maybe the talking heads need less journalism school and more real world. Cancel that "maybe."

Editorial note: When I speak of sales I am not speaking of retail type sales, but big ticket complex sales. Marketing and advertising have a large impact on the former while specifications and relationships drive the latter.

NYT Article