Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jackson - The problem identified - Updated

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives paused for a moment of silence Friday to mark entertainer Michael Jackson's death.

Lawmakers briefly interrupted a debate on a global warming bill to stand in silence and honor the "King of Pop."

Rep. Diane Watson of California rose during the debate to suggest the House "pay tribute to the culture that he has left behind, his legacy."

Uh Diane darling....... I hate to tell you this but it is THE CULTURE that is the problem.

Oh well, you shouldn't expect pigs to know they're rolling in mud.

Bump and update...

A commentator who didn't leave a name has made this comment.

If he had written 25% of the hateful, twisted, and sick things you've written here, you'd have a point.

First of all, Jackson has written nothing beyond, I guess, some pop songs that will fade away as the years go by. Nothing wrong with that and he was a great showman, but he contributed nothing of any real value. Again, nothing wrong with that. Entertainment is entertainment and humans need some distraction but let's not think that the ability to sing and dance is of any real importance.

Of course to those who can only, speaking figuratively, sing and dance he was important because he represented the apex of their food chain.

And it is that culture that I refer to. The culture of worship of people who have no grasp by people who have no grasp. The same people who sob over Jackson's death, demanding to know every detail are the same people who elected Obamie. The same people who actually believe that man made global warming is real.

They are Pods as described so well in this series of articles.