Thursday, August 6, 2009

Privacy? What privacy?

The canary for years was used by miners to show the presence of deadly gasses. This one is a very sick bird.

UK ISPs have come out in united opposition to the British government's proposed £2 billion plan to construct a massive "Big Brother" database and surveillance system that will monitor and record every email, phone call and website visit of the country's citizens, reports Martyn Warwick.

Under proposed legislation it would be the UK's hapless ISPs that would be made responsible for implementation of the Orwellian system and, in a submission to the Home Office (the UK's equivalent of a Ministry of the Interior), a coalition of the service providers have condemned it as "an unwarranted intrusion into people’s privacy". The document also accuses the government of deliberately misleading the British public about the extent to which their private communications will be monitored.


No Leftie of note in the US has condemned the plan even though if it records everything then obviously that would include traffic from and to the US (and other countries).

What that tells me is that Obamie plans to do the same.

Why Medicare is going broke

Bits and pieces...

So I get this new BP med see and the Doc says buy a 30 day supply and let's see... So I go to Walmart and since it's a generic I get a 30 day supply for $4.00... Now that would be $12.00 for 90 days.... (remember that)...

So I just happen to note that my spouse uses the same drug and has ordered a 90 supply through Right Source who is the 100% owned mail order pharmacy of Humana.. And the price is $31.00 and change..

So I play the dummy and call Humana and say, "Why?" (I have left out all the repeating of membership numbers, birth dates, home address, etc., etc.)

And, of course, everyone knows the answer but no one will say it. "Because that's what we charge."

Someone did point out that my wife paid zip so it was free. I noted that since the $31.00 and change was charged to the account it wasn't free. Walmart's price would have gotten my spouse $12.00 closer to the doughnut hole where Humana pays NOTHING while Humana's Right Source price got my wife $32.00 plus change closer to the doughnut hole where Humana pays NOTHING... and of course Humana keeps on collecting the premium...

Get all that??

Someone did tell me that Right Source had charged me the "Average Retail Price." I didn't catch on when I heard that but I'll bet it is the Feds who set "Average Retail Price..."

Anybody besides me starting to see why Medicare is going broke faster and faster??