Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The great disappearing act of 2009

Last fall O'Reilly had Barney Frank on his program and flayed him, including playing a video of Barney last July telling everyone that Fannie and Freddie are great "going forward!"

Of course that was wrong and anyone with a lick of sense last July knew that Fannie/Freddie were in huge trouble, but there was Barney "Give me their names" Frank giving a buy recommendation...

A few minutes ago I went to my Fav list to pull the video up and post it in this ....but guess what? Yeah, you know.'

The video has been pulled because of "Violations of Terms of Service." You know, what is happening is plain to see. No evidence of Demo wrong doing shall be left in public view!

Expanded from my comments in the Tennessean.

Hat tip to the Houdini poster. Click here if you are interested.

Now Fannie and Freddie are passing out money! Hope Barney's friend gets some!

And the hits just keep on coming!

Fannie Mae plans bonuses of up to $1 million for 4 executives.

Fannie Mae said regulators determined that the bonuses were needed because keeping key employees "was essential to ensure our viability through 2010, which would allow Congress, the administration and other parties involved time to determine what the form and function of the company will be in future years."

Huh? In every company I ever worked for people got fired for doing a lousy job!

You know, after this, watching some TV today and hearing what Shep Smith said... I think it is time to get rid of all of'em! Demos, Repubs and all the others. None of'em are worth keeping, some are merely worse than others. Maybe we can get some action in the primaries in 2010.

And remember this. Barney Frank, who wants names, has a special friend who works at Fannie Mae. Talk about balls, Barney has a pair. Or else he has figured out none of the wussies around him will call him out.

Link to Barney

Hat tip to Edwards1949 at the Tennessean.

Shep Smith and Fox News says it best

I was going to write something (hopefully) cute about the assholes we have watched on TV all day, but I have decided that assholes really should not be insulted by comparing them to what has been displayed for all the world to see.

It was truly butt ugly.

And click here to Shep Smith and FNC nail these phoney four flushers to the wall.