Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pure as the driven snow and as a big a loser as a snowman in July

I have made no secret that I call myself a social liberal who is strong on defense, hates PC bullshit and understands that our culture is under attack by the radical Muslims and the Left, who many times seem to be allies of each other.

What that means in a practical sense is that I don't care if John marries Jack or if Sue marries Peggy. That it is condemned in the Bible is a fact, but so is boffing your neighbor's wife or husband and I will let the individuals involved sort out their actions on earth and God can adjudicate the results at a later time.

I am also against abortion that is not done to save the mother's life but after counseling the woman involved I am not going to interfere. It is the woman's right.

I also think blacks and other minorities have been treated unfairly and deserve and need some protection in our laws. That leaves a wide door open for Sharpton and Jackson and other poverty pimps but I think, maybe hope is the better word, that they will not be succeeded. And yes, I am disgusted at much of the black culture that is destroying whole generations through unwed mothers and a societal acceptance of gangs and welfare. I don't have the answer but I know Bojangles isn't coming back. And while I have suggestions this is not the time and place to discuss them.

Drugs are a huge problem but locking up users and marginal sellers won't fix the problem. I have often noted that I would legalize MJ and sell it while giving away coke and heroin to registered addicts. As easy that would be, people who sell any drug to children would be dealt with harshly. Speed, date rape, PCP, etc., would be dealt with very harshly.

I also understand that Obama's health care plan won't work and is designed to destroy Medicare while extending free care to his base.

So you might say that while I am not a Republican I am smart enough to know that what the Left wants has nothing to do with me being a Social Liberal, and everything with seizing and maintaining power while destroying the country.

In other words I am happy to vote for any Repub running against any Demo.

Why? Because it is the majority party that gets to select the Speaker, the Majority Leader, control the committees and decide what legislation gets brought to the floor for a vote. As an example let me note that if many Repubs hadn't set on their thumbs in 2006 and 2008 you just might have won enough seats to control the House and Cap and Trade, health care, etc., would not even have been voted on.

So all you oh so pure Repubs who are busy splitting the party in the District 23 of NY have my disgust. You think you can beat Obamie by yourselves. Well, you can't.

So grow up. A half a loaf is better than none.

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