Sunday, May 14, 2017

In the beginning there was the investigation.

And the result was a detailed list of Hillary’s crimes but weren’t crimes because according to Comey there was no intent. That was the beginning of Comey’s end.

Let us review.

Hillary had intent. Her intent was to hide her words and actions. She did so because she hates criticism and is use to getting her way. I am speaking of a woman who was given $100,000 when she needed it, stymied an investigation by "hiding" documents in her closet, fired people who had worked in the WH as travel agents for years and hired her friends as pay back, lied about Benghazi even though there was a video of her and on and on. So she knew establishing a special private email system was wrong.  But after a life time of skirting the law and living off influence she felt safe enough to believe she could do what she wanted.

But she is not stupid and she was not uninformed. She knew classified information would be sent over it.

She knew what would happen and she knew it would be wrong. But her fear of being caught and knowledge that emails showing how she was selling influence to the presumed to be office of the president to both foreign and US people/organizations would be on the server made her decide to set up the email system.

Her intent was to conceal a crime. Selling  influence. Pay for play. Quid pro quo.

And the proof is not just the demonstrated sending of classified information regarding government information. It is the thousands of emails illegally deleted.

The classified emails are the smoking gun. The missing emails are the bullets. They are the "dog that did not bark." That is the proof of intent to commit a crime. That is the proof of a crime.

Now, let's look at some of the players who got pulled into the crime as it started to collapse.

First we have ex President Clinton and the Attorney General of the United States.

Why in God's name would these two try to meet in secret just before an agency of Lynch's DOJ, the FBI, was set to interview Hillary?

Well, they didn't think they would be caught and they needed to make sure all the plans were in order. That each knew what was expected of the other. 

Why wasn't the interview with Hillary taped?

But it didn't work out. They were seen and in the resulting media coverage and criticism, Lynch was forced to recuse herself.  Enter Comey.

The question about Comey’s entrance and subsequent public actions becomes, “Why?”

Why did Comey decide to become a prosecutor rather than a investigator?  After all, it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the Federal Bureau of Prosecution.

If you believe, as I do, that Comey is basically a honest man and wanted to do what was right, he was unhappy that Lynch had slipped aside and turned it over to her Deputy AG.  I think he had the information, knew that multiple crimes had been committed and knew that if he just sent the information up the chain of command the result would be that a report would be issued  no crime had been committed, no intent, just at its worst, a minor error of judgment on Hillary’s part. And no details provided because it contained classified information.

At that point he decided that the American people should know. That’s why he seized the initiative, gave out all the details so that the public could see just how nefarious Hillary was.  


But to save the FBI as an organization….can you imagine the fire storm that would have descended on the FBI if he had recommended prosecution?......he claimed there was no intent.

And the Democrats mostly loved him. They wished he hadn’t done anything and the Republicans disliked him because they felt he had done nothing. 

But then the information about more emails came forth and he was trapped. If he ignored it and it was proven to be criminal the FBI would be greatly harmed. 

If he announced it the FBI would be shown impartial in its dealings and Hillary would win anyway.

But Hillary did not win and the Democrats hated him.

And the rest is history. The Left, with the willing help of a corrupt media, concocted a story about Russia and Trump that is still in play.

Now Trump decided that Comey couldn’t continue to lead a fractured organization so he fired Comey.

And the Left has proven itself to be Mother Of All Hypocrites and attacked Trump for doing what they wanted to do until it was done.

(Part of this was published in TalkLeft.)

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