Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin 10 Biden Zip

Biden reminded me of a super football team with this great QB and running backs and wonderful coaches.... He marched up and down the field showing everyone he was just so much smarter than the "little lady."

But when the game was over, he lost.

He lost because people don't pick a leader because they know the infinite details of gossip in the barracks. They pick a leader who says, "To heck with the gossip, follow me and I will lead you through the mine field."

And they know that the leader can do this because the leader has been through the minefield.

Watching the two it was like watching a Mom explaining things to a teenager.

"Joe. I don't care if all the other kids are doing it. It's wrong. We are not going to."

McCain is trouble, but Palin has breathed life back to the campaign. She won by being herself. McCain needs to start being himself and not worrying about hurting Hussein's feelings.

Time to start letting the chips fall and speaking plainly. This isn't Kansas, Dorothy and it damn sure isn't the Senate.

Tell you what Senator McCain. Next week when Hussein calls you "John," face him squarely and say, "We are both US Senators. Why do you call me John when I have called you, until this moment, Senator? If you want to play one upmanship games I will hence forth call you Hussein. That is your name I believe."